How to Set Up Your AQS1 Monitor?

How to Set Up Your AQS1 Monitor?

How to Set Up Your AQS1 Monitor in just Minutes?

Open the case, and you will see your service kit inside. This has your power cables. Now, take out your tripod and adjust to the right height. Tighten the screw, raise the pole to the Specto Technology sticker, and lock in place.

Making sure your brackets are aligned, take out the AQS 1 unit, and when you put it on the tripod, make sure you put both brackets on at the same time. There’s your AQS 1 Monitor on the tripod.

Powering Your AQS1

Now, we just want to get some power from the AQS1. You’ve got a battery or solar you use DC. I am using AC. And there we have it. Your AQS 1 unit is running.

Your data is in the Cloud. You can look on your laptop or mobile to see that. And you are ready to go. Thanks again for renting from Specto and all the best in your project.