Wireless Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

We understand every project is different, which is why we’ve designed simple and easy to use real-time monitoring systems for every situation. Aeroqual systems are portable, weatherproof and reliable, arriving on your site preassembled and ready to monitor.

Select a base system, upgrades, power options and additional items required for your project below.

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Base Systems

Item Description
Dust-Sentry-1 Dust Sentry (DS) Monitor for dust as particulate matter (PM), including TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0
How to Calibrate a BSWA Inside an Aeroqual Monitor? Air Quality Monitor (AQS) Monitor for PM and/or up to 4 gaseous pollutants simultaneously (VOCs, NO2, SO2, O3, CO, H2S, CH4)
Aeroqual AQM 65 Ambient Air Monitoring Station Air Quality Monitoring Station (AQM65) Monitor for PM and up to 8 gaseous pollutants simultaneously (VOCs, NO2, NOx, SO2, CO, O3, CO2, H2S, CH4)
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Item Description
Vaisala WXT536 Weather Sensor Weather Station Ultrasonic weather station to measure for wind speed and direction and other parameters
How to Unbox a Sonitus EM2030 Sound Level Meter? Noise Monitor Class 1 Sound Level Monitor with weather proof microphone
vibration-monitoring Vibration Monitor ISEE Standard Seismograph with Triaxial Geophone
image002-e1586469464907-2 PTZ Camera High definition camera with infrared motion detection
Gravimetric-Instruments Gravimetric Analysis Collection of gravimetric samples using 47 mm filter
OCs collected in SUMMA® canisters are analyzed by GC/MS EPA Method TO-15 SUMMA Canister Sampling Remotely trigger SUMMA canister gas samples for laboratory analysis
How to Connect a Solar System to the Aeroqual AQS1 or Dust Sentry Monitor? Custom Integration 4 – 20 mA and digital inputs/output for custom instrumentation integration (Mercury Analyzer, Black Carbon) and control of process equipment
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Power Options

Item Description Power Duration
Mini-Powermate-3 Mini Powermate 30 Ah Lithium Ion portable battery pack (DC) and AC charger 15 hours
HP1A9821 Midi Powermate 50 Ah Lithium Ion portable battery pack (DC) and AC charger 28 hours
Ultra Powermate Ultra Powermate Weatherproof, solar compatible enclosure for 2 x 110 Ah batteries (portable with wheels) 100 hours
Metal Enclosures Aluminum Enclosure Weatherproof, solar compatible enclosure for 2 or 3 x 110 Ah batteries (pole mounted) 100 - 150 hours
VOC-Dust-Monitor-with-Weather-Station-Noise-and-Solar-Power Solar Kits Includes battery enclosure, 150W solar panels, mount and cables All year around
Programmable Timer On/off daily timer with options for each day of the week NA
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Other Items

Item Description
038 Quick Connect Cables We install external cables to the Aeroqual base for DC power, weather stations and noise monitors
tripod Tripods Heavy duty and standard aluminum tripod with brackets for monitor and battery pack pre-installed, and extendable weather station pole mount.
How to Install Aeroqual Mounting Brackets for the Dust Sentry or AQS1 Portable Monitors? Pelican Cases (Large/Small) Transport moniitors directly custom cases for tripod, battery packs, weather station and more.
Calibration Equipment 3s Calibration Kits Flowmeters, leak gauges, zero filters and portable gas calibrators
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Data Management & Reporting

Item Description
Aeroqual-Cloud-Software Aeroqual Cloud Remotely access your real-time monitoring data and manage your network (2-way communications)
Eagle laptop Eagle.io Platform Our data management platform for complex project requirements and advanced data analysis
Aeroqual-Cloud-Software-2 Aeroqual Reporting ISEE Standard Seismograph with Triaxial Geophone
Specto-Eagle-io-Table-3 Tableau and Eagle.io Reporting Automated PDF reports including layout, graphs, tables and company branding. Issue daily, weekly or monthly - we have templates available and can design new reports on request

Air Quality Monitoring Products

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