Instantel Micromate®

Product Information

Instantel® manufacturers a complete line of vibration monitoring equipment, including vibration and overpressure monitors, which are known as the world’s most trusted monitors for regulated vibration and overpressure control.

Additional Micromate® features:

  • The Micromate is packed full of features for vibration monitoring and now it is available in English, French, Spanish and Swedish.
  • Micromate is the most trusted vibration monitoring equipment for a range of applications, including: Blast Monitoring for Compliance, Near Field Monitoring, Sound Monitoring, Pile Driving, Compaction, Construction Activity, Dynamic Compaction Monitoring, Demolition Activity, Ηeavy Transportation, Environmental Monitoring, Tunnel and Subway Monitoring, Bridge Monitoring, Structural Monitoring and Analysis and Remote Access Monitoring.
  • Micromate is vibration measurement equipment that was built to last, featuring a custom engineered rugged and reliable design to withstand harsh conditions.
  • The advanced vibration equipment features a fully sealed top panel, non-corrosive connectors, and sealed electronics to enhance water resistance.
  • An optional protective “boot” complete with faceplate provides the highest level of durability and ruggedness available in Instantel’s product line.
  • Vibration measurement is simplified with reliable regulatory compliance monitoring with an ISEE or DIN Triaxial Geophone and ISEE Linear Microphone or Sound Level Microphone.
  • Support of USB 2.0 allows use of memory sticks and approved external devices such as USB hubs, modems, printers and GPS (sold separately) for complete vibration monitoring.
  • Micromate supports USB 2.0 on both the host and device ports, operating up to 12 MB/s.
  • Connect a USB flash drive to transfer events / vibration measurementsor even update the unit’s firmware – quickly, easily and all in the field without the need for a computer.
  • Micromate supports Instantel’s Auto Call Home™ feature for remote automated data reporting/transmission of vibration measurements.
  • When an event occurs the event is immediately captured and is automatically transmitted to your computer (there is no need to prompt the unit to transmit data) for seamless tracking of vibration measurement.
  • Event data can also be sent to Vision™, Instantel’s cloud-based data hosting application automatically.
  • Easy to use vibration equipment with the use of a color touch screen, intuitive menu and icon-based user interface.
  • A key pad compliments the user interface.
  • A full display touch screen keyboard makes entry of data and notes convenient and easy.
  • The unit can be interfaced to a laptop or computer as well.
  • Connectors are color coded for easy identification and installation.
  • Events and unit settings are saved in a reliable on-board, non-volatile memory with ample storage capacity for most applications and up to 1,000 events (with additional optional memory capacity available) for reliable vibration measurement and monitoring.
  • Data from the vibration monitoring equipment can be transferred for off-unit storage or off-unit data manipulation to a computer or laptop via the convenient USB interface or via use of a compatible modem.
  • Data retrieval can be as simple as copying events to an external USB memory stick (no laptop or computer is required).
  • Synchronizes Class 1 noise monitoring and vibration data on the same monitoring unit.
  • Icons are context sensitive; they are only shown if they are relevant to what you are doing.
  • Fast, one touch access to the most commonly used features on a portable vibration meter.
  • Monitor Scheduler assigns different setup files, scheduled self-checks, scheduled Auto Call Home times and when to start and stop monitoring.

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