Instantel Calibrations & Repairs for Vibration Monitoring EquipmentInstantel Calibrations & Repairs for Vibration Monitoring Equipment

Instantel Calibration and Repairs

  • The recommended interval for calibration of most measuring equipment including Instantel seismographs is one year.

Contact Specto Technology for Your Instantel Vibration Calibration & Repair needs

You may start the process here: Instantel RMA

Specto Technology is an authorized Instantel Dealer and is a knowledgeable expert on all Instantel Vibration Monitoring/Seismograph Equipment.

Specto Technology can assist you in getting your equipment calibrated no matter what interval your project requires.

  • The recommended interval for calibration of most measuring equipment, including seismographs, is one year.
  • Across most of North America and many parts of Europe, regulatory authorities actually require seismographs to be calibrated on an annual basis.
  • This requirement has been or is in the process of being adopted by several other countries around the world and some specific projects even require that seismographs be calibrated every three or six months.
In order to serve our customers better by speeding up turnaround times, Specto does not require pre-approval from customers for RMA’s for standard calibrations. Approval will only be requested if repairs are required.

View the “Instantel RMA Instructions” PDF under our downloads list for a step-by-step guide on how to obtain an RMA from Instanel’s website.