SV 971A Class 1 Sound Level Meter

Product Information

The SV971A is a Class 1 handheld sound level monitor designed for environmental and acoustic professionals. The small size and weight changed the industry and is now appreciated by those who routinely carry out measurements with a hand-held instrument.

The new model has been fitted with a new microphone with a large dynamic range of 120 dB and a low-power Bluetooth® for connection with mobile applications. 

With a 24 hour battery life, real-time frequency analysis, triggered audio recording and advanced statistical analysis (including industrial hygiene and room acoustics), the SV 971A is an easy choice for your noise monitoring requirements.


  • Small and lightweight, easy to use (8 oz) 
  • Class 1 accuracy in a wide measurement range  (27  – 140 dBA)
  • Weighting filters A, B, C, Z, LF, slow/fast/impulse
  • Bluetooth and USB downloads with mobile app
  • Powerful PC software for advanced analysis
  • Industrial hygiene statistics (TWA, DOSE)
  • Building acoustic measurements (RT60/STIPA)
  • Real-time frequency analysis
  • Triggered audio recording
  • Time-history logging
  • Low power consumption
  • Micro SD card (32 GB) included (up to 128 GB)


  • Sound measurements
  • Environmental noise
  • Occupational noise
  • Building acoustics


SV971A Handheld Datasheet
SV971A Datasheet BA Application
SV971A Datasheet HS Application


SVAN971 User Manual