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Instantel Minimate Pro™

  • Available for Sales and Rentals – The Instantel Series IV Minimate Pro4™ and Series IV Minimate Pro6™ monitors are among the most versatile and capable monitors available.

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Since 1982, Instantel Vibration Monitors have earned their position as the world’s most trusted monitors for regulated vibration control. Used in over 110 countries, Instantel seismographs monitor ground vibration, air and water over pressure created by blasting, demolition, mining, quarrying and construction activities.

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The Series IV Minimate Pro6™ and Minimate Pro4™ monitors offer advanced monitoring technology with an unequalled set of features and rugged design.

Instantel Minimate Pro Vibration Monitor Features

  • Pro4: Four recording channels for one triaxial geophone (ISEE or DIN) and an ISEE linear microphone.
  • Pro6: Six recording channels with your choice of two triaxail geophones (ISEE or DIN) or one triaxial geophone and an ISEE microphone.
  • Dedicated function keys and intuitive menu enable quick and easy setup.
  • Sample rates from 512 to 65Khz per channel, independent of record times.
  • Continuous monitoring means zero dead time between events, even while the unit is processing.
  • Instantel Histogram Combo™ mode allows capturing thousands of full waveform records while simultaneously recording in histogram mode. Minimate Pro6 seismograph with Geophone & Microphone.
  • Auto Call Home™ feature automates remote monitoring applications.
  • Non-volatile memory with standard 7100-plus event storage capacity.
  • Records full waveform events over two hours long.
  • Fully compliant with the International Society of Explosives Engineers “Performance Specifications for Blaster Seismographs.”
  • Ethernet® interface for high speed communications and data transfer.

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Instantel® manufacturers a complete line of vibration monitoring equipment, including vibration and overpressure monitors, which are known as the world’s most trusted monitors for regulated vibration and overpressure control.

  • The Instantel® Minimate® Pro Series of vibration, overpressure and sound monitors offers a geotech solution designed to meet all of your vibration measurement and vibration analysis needs.
  • Monitor vibration, noise and air overpressure to meet industry standards such as the International Society of Explosive Engineers (ISEE) and DIN 45669-1.
  • The Instantel Minimate Pro supports regulatory compliance monitoring, as well as advance vibration monitoring features. Whether you are a new vibration meter user or the most advanced, the Minimate Pro Series monitors can grow as your monitoring needs change.
  • The Series IV Instantel Minimate Pro6™ and Instantel Minimate Pro4™ vibration meters offer an unequalled set of features with advanced vibration measurement capabilities.
  • The Minimate Pro4 has four channels, while the Minimate Pro6 offers up to 6 channels.
  • Whether you are a novice or an experienced operator, this vibration monitoring equipment is easy to use while offering you advanced recording and reporting features.
  • These vibration meters reduce noise and electrical interference.
  • For those challenging applications, such as tunneling, the Instantel Minimate Pro monitoring units include EMI shielding and built-in noise and anti-aliasing filters; both the sensor and auxiliary channels are isolated.
  • With a cast aluminum case and a waterproof rating of IP67, the InstantelMinimate Pro is rugged and reliable.
  • Designed to handle the most extreme conditions, the Instantel Minimate Pro can handle anything you can throw at it.
  • Flexible power solutions, ideal for remote or permanent installations.
  • The Instantel Minimate Pro has a battery life of 10 days of uninterrupted vibration monitoring with its internal battery. The battery life can easily be extended by connecting a solar panel or external battery.
  • This vibration monitoring equipment features expansive, non-volatile memory with standard 7,100 plus event storage.
  • The Instantel Minimate Pro will continue to capture the event even if the event lasts longer than the preconfigured record time.
  • These vibration meters allow you to trigger once, but capture each and every event while keeping your sample size small.
  • The Instantel Minimate Pro has advanced vibration monitoring capabilities with sample rates from 512 to 65,536 samples per second.
  • With the Minimate Pro Series vibration meters you can connect accelerometers, high frequency geophones, hydrophones or high pressure microphones.
  • Use an Instantel splitter box, and connect up to six hydrophones on one Minimate Pro6 or four on a Minimate Pro4.
  • Take advantage of the high sample rates - 65 kHz sample rate - and get sound playback when you connect a Sound Level Microphone.
  • This vibration monitoring equipment gives you the support of Ethernet for improved communications and remote monitoring.
  • Connect modems directly to an Instantel Minimate Pro vibration meter using an Ethernet cable to transfer events using Instantel’s proprietary Auto Call Home feature, more quickly, especially when transferring larger event files.
  • Transfer events to your computer, a server or a cloud-based data hosting system, like Instantel’s Vision.
  • Add in THOR, Instantel’s desktop software solution, and automatically get notifications when you want them.
  • This vibration measurement equipment features multi-channel data acquisition for the following range of applications: blast-monitoring for compliance, multi-point monitoring (Pro6) remote monitoring - Auto Call Home™, near-field blast vibration analysis, far-field blast vibration analysis (Pro6), sound monitoring, pile driving, construction activity, demolition activity, structural monitoring, underwater monitoring and heavy transportation.
  • Each compliance sensors calibration date and serial number, and sample rate specifications are determined by the Sensor Check feature of the unit and stored in the setup file.
  • The sensor type, calibration date and serial number are also recorded on the Event Report with this vibration equipment.
  • Perform VDV monitoring, Signature Hole Analysis, and real time display of Histogram data with the optional Instantel® Blastware® Advanced Module.
  • View Peak Vibration and Zero Crossing Frequencies immediately after each Event occurs with this vibration measurement equipment.
  • Vibration meters toggle between Peak Vibration and Peak Overpressure with a simple push of a button.
  • Data highlights including Operator, Trigger, Duration, and Maximum Vibration and Overpressure are also available for review, right on the monitors display.
  • Instalink™ The Auto Call Home feature, can also be used in conjunction with an optional service, Instantel® InstaLink™, leveraging the Internet to automate the process of transferring vibration data directly from an Instantel vibration meter to a secure, password-protected web site for viewing by approved stakeholders.
  • A high-contrast LCD and ten-key tactile keypad drives simple menu operations, while graphic icons indicate battery and memory levels at a glance.
  • Continuous vibration monitoring means zero dead time between Events, even while the unit is processing.