Campbell Scientific Data Logger

Product Information

As an authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Campbell Scientific, Specto Technology has extensive experience in designing and building data acquisition systems based on equipment from Campbell Scientific.

We specialize in providing custom solutions for infrastructure projects such as tunnels, bridges, dams, highways, subways, railways, environmental monitoring such as noise, vibration, dust, gas and weather, and interfacing with other systems such as SCADA and monitoring software.

Campbell Scientific manufactures a wide range of dataloggers that are versatile, powerful, reliable, low in power consumption and rugged. Models like Campbell Scientific CR1000X, CR6, CR350, and CR310 have been widely used for data acquisition in geotechnical and structural monitoring projects all over the world since the 1990’s. All Campbell Scientific dataloggers are programmable and are designed to meet various requirements for the type, number, precision, and speed of measurements.

Product Features

  • The Campbell Scientific data loggers will read most geotechnical, structural and environmental sensors
  • The dataloggers provide nonvolatile data storage and on-board battery-backed clock
  • On-board data processing makes real time data logging and analysis possible
  • Initiating measurement and control functions based on time or event
  • Able to control external devices such as pumps, motors, alarms, freezers, valves, etc.
  • PC support software or keyboard/display to program
  • Supports multiple telecommunication devices such as cellular modems, short haul modems, radio transceivers, satellite transmitters, serial (RS232) and Ethernet interfaces
  • Support various options for data retrieval directly or remotely
  • Operating temperature range of -25° to 50ºC (Optional extended ranges are available.)
  • Rugged with low power consumption
  • Powered by mains, battery or solar panels
  • 2Mb memory as standard, 4Mb as an option and further capacity through the addition of a Compact Flash Module (Campbell Scientific CR1000 only)
  • Output data in simple ASCII format enables easy importing to monitoring software such as or spreadsheets

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