Thread X3

Product Information

The Thread X3 is an IoT remote monitoring solution ideal for dynamic, high-power, or high-speed industrial project scenarios. It complements Worldsensing’s long-range, low-power solutions portfolio, providing broadband sensor connectivity for customers. The Thread X3 is a fully autonomous sensor connectivity device that includes an optional integrated 4G/LTE cellular modem, wireless mesh networking, and a battery pack, all housed in a weather-resistant enclosure. Each broadband device also serves as a gateway for wireless smart sensors.


  • Fully autonomous sensor connectivity
  • Optional integrated 4G/LTE cellular modem
  • Wireless mesh networking
  • Battery pack in a weather-resistant enclosure
  • Broadband device that also serves as a gateway for wireless smart sensors
  • Bentley Cloud software (Sensmetrics software platform)


  • Plug & Play sensor integration, up to 3 sensors
  • Process AGM-1 positions at rates varying from 1hr to 24hrs
  • Flexible power management
  • Multiple protocols (USB, 4-20mA, RS-485, RS232)


  • Flood Monitoring
  • Ground movement
  • Slope stability
  • Settlement monitoring
  • Landslide monitoring
  • Mass rock movement
  • Embankments stability monitoring

Thread X3 List of compatible sensors


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