Instantel Minimate Plus™ REFURBISHED

Product Information

Compact and powerful, the Minimate Plus is an easy to use and portable vibration monitoring solution that can be used for both manual and automated data collection. From the simplest to the most demanding applications, the Minimate Plus is the most versatile monitor you will ever need. Suitable for monitoring everything from blasting to pile driving, the Minimate Plus can monitor continuously and reliably in all situations.

Instantel Minimate Plus Product Features:

  • Most versatile monitor available
  • Auto Call Home™ remote monitoring function
  • Wide variety of sensors – microphones, geophones, accelerometers, and hydrophones
  • 4 Channels – Microphone and Triaxial Geophone
  • 8 Channels – Two Microphones and two Triaxial Geophones or 8 independent channels
  • Available Memory – 300 events
  • Record Modes – Manual, Single-shot, Continuous, Histogram, and Instantel® Histogram Combo
  • Available Sample Rates -1,024 S/s to 16,384 S/s per channel, selectable up to 65,536 S/s for 8 channels
  • Unit Dimensions – 81 X 91 X 160 mm (3.2 X 3.6 X 6.3 in)
  • Unit Weight 1.4kg (3lbs)
  • User Interface – 8 domed tactile keys
  • Product Rank – Mid-range

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