Instantel Minimate PlusInstantel Minimate Plus

Instantel Minimate Plus™

  • The Instantel Series III Minimate Plus™ offers 4-channels or 8-channels and allows you to monitor one or two geophones (w/optional air overpressure mics.)
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Since 1982, Instantel Vibration Monitors have earned their position as the world’s most trusted monitors for regulated vibration control. Used in over 110 countries, Instantel seismographs monitor ground vibration, air and water over pressure created by blasting, demolition, mining, quarrying and construction activities.

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Compact and powerful, the Minimate Plus is an easy to use and portable vibration monitoring solution that can be used for both manual and automated data collection. From the simplest to the most demanding applications, the Minimate Plus is the most versatile monitor you will ever need. Suitable for monitoring everything from blasting to pile driving, the Minimate Plus can monitor continuously and reliably in all situations.

Instantel Minimate Plus Product Features:

  • Most versatile monitor available
  • Auto Call Home™ remote monitoring function
  • Wide variety of sensors – microphones, geophones, accelerometers, and hydrophones
  • 4 Channels – Microphone and Triaxial Geophone
  • 8 Channels – Two Microphones and two Triaxial Geophones or 8 independent channels
  • Available Memory – 300 events
  • Record Modes – Manual, Single-shot, Continuous, Histogram, and Instantel® Histogram Combo
  • Available Sample Rates -1,024 S/s to 16,384 S/s per channel, selectable up to 65,536 S/s for 8 channels
  • Unit Dimensions – 81 X 91 X 160 mm (3.2 X 3.6 X 6.3 in)
  • Unit Weight 1.4kg (3lbs)
  • User Interface – 8 domed tactile keys
  • Product Rank – Mid-range

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Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions

Automated Vibration Monitoring


  • Specto Technology has a limited number of certified pre-owned Instantel® Minimate Plus units available for sale. Contact us now for details.
  • The Instantel Minimate Plus operates as a basic compliance monitor with intuitive functions and ease-of- use to help the first time operator setup and record an event quickly.
  • For your vibration analysis needs, the Instantel Minimate Plus also offers advanced functions for specific applications requiring more information to be collected and analyzed.
  • The Instantel Minimate Plus series of monitors includes two models based on the number of recording channels.
  • Both models of vibration meters offer the level of performance and ease-of-use you expect from Instantel vibration monitoring equipment.
  • The standard model Minimate vibration meter offers four recording channels and a built-in standard transducer.
  • The second model of this vibration measurement equipment offers eight recording channels with your choice of external transducers and microphones.
  • The Minimate Plus vibration equipment offers 300 event capacity standard and 1500 optional, for one second 4 channel events at 1024 samples per second.
  • This durable vibration measurement equipment allows you to customize how the vibration meter operates. Anything you do not need can be hidden and does not get in the way, yet is immediately available when you need it.
  • A large backlit display is a feature of this vibration monitoring equipment.
  • Multiple record modes which determine how the Minimate Plus vibration meter records events, offer you unlimited flexibility during monitoring operations.
  • Modes included in this vibration measurement equipment are single event, continuous, auto record, programmed start/stop, and manual.
  • For vibration analysis, the Instantel Minimate Plus features Full Waveform Event Analysis, a full field analysis of the event including peak particle velocity (PPV), peak air (sound) pressure, peak vector sum (PVS), peak acceleration, and peak displacement.
  • Many national frequency vibration analysis standards come with the Instantel Minimate Plus.
  • The Minimate Plus series of vibration monitoring equipment offers Full PC Compatibility to archive, print, and perform vibration analysis and process capabilities with Blastware software modules.
  • The Instantel vibration measurement equipment provides variable sample rates including 1024 and 2048 standard for unprecedented compliance accuracy or high frequency blast performance analysis. Higher sample rates to 65,536 are available with the Blastware software modules.
  • The rugged and durable design of these vibration meters includes a fully sealed top panel, non–corrosive industrial grade connectors, and sealed electronics, all packed in a single rugged case.
  • Instantel vibration monitors have been buried; rolled off trucks; thrown down mine drifts by air blast; hit with fly rock; run over by backhoes; and have survived in working order.
  • This vibration monitoring equipment is meant to be used in dry installations where no water is expected.
  • While the Minimate Plus is splash resistant, designed to withstand temporary exposure to drops of water, this vibration measurement equipment is not waterproof and should not be immersed in water.
  • You can bury the Minimate Plus vibration meter or the standard transducer to couple it to the ground and prevent movement.
  • The vibration meter also works for hard surfaces, such as rock, concrete or solid ice.
  • The Maximum Geo Range specifies the measurement limits of the geophones in the vibration measurement equipment or standard transducer. Two ranges are available: 1.25 in/s (31.8 mm/s) and 10.0 in/s (254 mm/s).
  • The Minimate Plus vibration meters will perform a daily self-check; you can use the self-check mode for remote vibration monitoring where you require a record indicating the monitor was operating properly over a period of time.