Settlement Monitoring SystemSettlement Monitoring System

Settlement Monitoring Systems

  • Effective tool for precision monitoring of settlements. Flexible: up to 100 different IS-sensors in 1 network.

Liquid Leveling Systems to Monitor Settlement from Specto Technology

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Product Features

  • High accuracy: 24 bit A/D conversion, full digital transmission
  • Flexible: up to 100 different IS-sensors in 1 network
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast simple installation
  • All vital calibration data in the sensor
  • Intelligent Sensor Technology

Product Benefits

  • Real-time remote project monitoring
  • Minimal time and effort to frequently read-out many sensors
  • Easy to repair and to extend (4-wire, colour coded cable)

Typical Applications Include

  • The digital IS Liquid Levelling System is an effective tool for precision monitoring of settlements


For each project sensors need to be selected with the appropriate measuring range to ensure accurate settlement measurements: the elevation differences need to be within the range, even after the expected settlements. During installation the sensors are interconnected by means of a pressure line, an air compensation line and a digital data cable. The elevation changes of the individual sensors in the system are then derived from the liquid pressure. This is done by comparing the liquid pressure at each sensor with the pressure at the reference sensor. The system responds immediately to settlements, as there is no liquid flow between the sensors. The sensor also directly digitises the measurement data and performs automatic temperature compensation. As the fully digital system is equipped with a GSM-link, you can retrieve the data from your office PC at any time. You can quickly process, export and graphically display the measurement results on a Windows display.