Liquid Level Settlement Monitoring System

H-Level Liquid Level System

Product Information

The H-Level is the automatic liquid level system for accurate long-term monitoring of differential settlements in buildings, tunnels, and other civil structures.

It consists of a series of H-Level gauges that are hydraulically connected to a reference tank positioned in a stable location. Each H-Level gauge includes a high-resolution pressure sensor that monitors the head of liquid resulting from the difference in elevation between the gauge and the reference tank.

The H-Level system is available in both digital and analogue versions. The digital output allows fast and simple installation. Compatible with Loadsensing data loggers.

Product Features

  • High accuracy: 24 bit A/D conversion, full digital transmission
  • Available with both digital or analogue output
  • High accuracy and performance
  • Automatic compensation for barometric pressure

Product Benefits

  • Real-time remote project monitoring
  • Minimal time and effort to frequently read-out many sensors
  • Easy to repair and to extend (4-wire, colour coded cable)

Typical Applications Include

  • Buildings
  • Deep excavations
  • Tunnels
  • Compensation grouting projects
  • Historical structures
  • Bridges

Sisgeo H-Level Liquid Level System


Sisgeo H Level Settlement System Data Sheet