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Product Information

Specto is proud to be the exclusive North American supplier of this ground breaking GNSS-based monitoring system that has been enabled through collaboration between 3 x monitoring industry leaders: Topcon, Worldsensing & Bentley Systems.

It is now easier than ever to leverage high precision GNSS technology to accurately assess long-term ground movement, for a fraction of the cost of traditional GNSS systems.

This smoothly integrated monitoring solution provides seamless data flow from sensors to your software platform for better data-based decision making.


  • High accuracy level (3mm in Horizontal, 7mm in Vertical)
  • Reduced Cost (1/2 the price of traditional GNSS systems)
  • Plug and Play (no complex configuration required)

High Precision GNSS Receiver

Leverage the high precision capabilities of Topcon’s GNSS receiver, featuring:

  • Precision up to 3 mm in the horizontal axis, and 7 mm on the vertical axis.
  • Precision dual-frequency GNSS smart antenna
  • Multi-constellation with default support for GPS and GLENS

ThreadX3 enabled

Leverage the power our ThreadX3, a fully autonomous connectivity station for robust and continuous monitoring:

  • Plug & Play sensor integration
  • Differential GPS post-processing utilizing local control station(s).
  • Supports operation in distributed applications leveraging solar panels and wireless mesh communications.
  • Process positions at rates varying from 1 hr to 24 hr, supporting varied wake schedules

Centralized software platform

Manage your network deployment from a single software platform, from network to node configuration:

  • User-selected Grid and Datum selections for translation to cartesian coordinates (NEH).
  • Assumes wake schedule of Thread device, allowing for optimization of power settings suitable to the application.
  • Calculates all standard geospatial derivative metrics, including: position, displacement, velocity and acceleration.
  • Provides GNSS specific diagnostics, including: covariance Matrix, dilution of Precision, tracked satellites, epoch count.


  • Worldsensing’s Accurate Positioning System makes GNSS monitoring available for all your ground monitoring projects.
  • Minimizes cost on hardware deployment 
  • 2x decrease in deployment time
  • Configurable processing intervals 
  • Hardware in stock (New Jersey warehouse, all required Topcon & Worldsensing components)
  • Pre-configuration & testing services available
  • Local support of entire system (Sensor 🡪 data acquisition hardware 🡪 software)
  • Single point of contact for Purchase & Support


  • Slope Stability
  • Settlement Monitoring
  • Subsidence and Heave


World Sensing Accurate Positioning System


GNSS Monitoring System Data Sheet
Datasheet ThreadX3
Accurate Positioning System Datasheet