Aeroqual Ranger™ Cloud from Specto Technology AQI

Aeroqual Ranger from Specto Technology can now report AQIs for specific pollutants. Currently, we only have an AQI programmed for a PM2.5 channel. In the near future, we’ll be releasing different gases and particulates.

To access the PM2.5 AQI:

  1. Go into Settings – Menu
  2. Scroll down to AQI
  3. If it’s not already on, turn it on and pick a specific index.
  4. Once the AQI is turned on, press and hold the left arrow key to go back to the main menu
  5. By either pressing left or right, you can scroll through different screens until you reach the AQI screen.
  6. This is where you see a visual indication of what the current AQI is with an associated color, and as your particulate levels increase through different regions, it changes colors
  7. You should hear an audible beep