Sonitus EM2030 Sound Level Monitor
(Outdoor Class 1)

Product Information

The Sonitus EM2030 is a fully automated, remote sound level monitor with audio capture, frequency analysis and cloud based data presentation.

The Sonitus EM2030 is a Class 1 outdoor environmental noise monitoring system designed for construction and industrial applications. This monitor is easy to operate and complies with federal and state regulations for noise monitoring in the USA and Canada.


  • Automated measurement and data acquisition (4G/WiFi)
  • Online system for data management and presentation
  • Weatherproof class 1 microphone (PCB Piezotronics)
  • Solar/battery option for remote monitoring applications
  • Audio capture option (records sound clips during noise events)
  • 1/1 and 1/3 octave frequency analysis options
  • Fast and Slow time weighting
  • Simultaneous A and C weighted measurement
  • Flexible noise averaging options  (1 min, 5 min etc)
  • Customizable noise statistics (LAeq, L10, L90, LMAX etc)
  • Extended measurement range and remote controlled setup
  • Low power mode to extend battery life
  • Large memory for long-term data storage


  • Automated operation and simple online analysis
  • Collect reliable, defensible continuous sound level measurements
  • Online system with guest login for stakeholder or partner engagement
  • SMS/Email alerting system when project noise levels are exceeded
  • Remotely capture audio clips to identify noise sources
  • Frequency analysis tools for detailed sound source investigation
  • Manually download data if required (no cellular coverage)


  • Environmental compliance monitoring on construction or industrial sites
  • Manage community noise complaints
  • Baseline monitoring for environmental impact assessments
  • Noise control at outdoor festivals and entertainment venues
  •  Noise assessments of wind farms, airports etc

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