SV307A Noise Monitoring Station Class 1

Product Information

The Svantek SV307A is an all-in-one outdoor noise monitoring station with automated data collection, data presentation and reporting using SvanNET cloud. 

The best-selling design includes a monitor, 4G modem, battery and solar charge controller in one capsule that can be easily installed on a tripod or fence. GPS and vibration detectors are used to protect from theft, a lifetime microphone warranty ensures ownership costs are kept to a minimum, and built-in audio system check ensures optimal operating performance.

Advanced measurement data including noise levels, statistics spectra and audio files are sent automatically to SvanNet Cloud, with live listening capabilities and automated reporting to meet the requirements of local and state environmental regulatory requirements in the US/Canada.

Specto Technology has monitors available for rent and purchase, providing ongoing technical support for the lifetime of the station. 


  • Class 1 accuracy and precision (23 dB – 128 dB) 
  • Audio capture option (records sound clips during noise events)
  • 1/1 and 1/3 octave frequency analysis options
  • HIGHLY customizable noise measurement statistics and averaging
  • Multiple channels for simultaneous fast/slow/impulse, A, B, C, Z, LF 
  • Weatherproof outdoor monitoring system
  • Built-in audio calibration and system check
  • All-in-one design (monitor, modem, battery and solar)
  • GPS and Vibration sensors
  • Cloud based data management with SvanNET (4G/WiFi)
  • Custom reporting tools for complex projects


  • Easy to install and operate – save time in the field
  • Reporting tool allows full customization for any project
  • SMS/Email alerting system when project noise levels are exceeded
  • Alerts for system health and theft
  • Advanced data analysis and editing for acoustic professionals


  • Environmental noise compliance monitoring
  • Manage community noise complaints
  • Baseline monitoring for environmental impact assessments
  • Noise control at outdoor festivals and entertainment venues
  • Noise assessments of wind farms, airports etc



SV307A Data Sheet


SV307A User Manual