VWdot single channel Vibrating Wire Datalogger (V2)

Includes built in modem for NB-IoT Communication, AT&T SIM Card, external antenna, SD memory storage card

Product Information

VWdot from Specto Technology is a datalogger that can measure frequency and thermistor temperature signals of vibrating wire sensors. The housing of VWdot is robust and complies with IP65 standard. VWdot with its low-power consumption ability, provides long-term collection of data. It is also capable of backing up and store more than 1 million of recorded data on its build-in 32GB SD card. VWdot is a reliable, cost-effective datalogger developed for all kinds of vibrating wire sensors and civil engineering applications.

VWdot Product Features:

  • NB-IoT wireless transmission – Using the latest NB-IoT Technology, VWdot can upload data to “dot” cloud server, achieving real-time monitoring advantage.
  • MQTT protocol – Supporting MQTT protocol, VWdot allows acquisition and integration of various types of data.
  • Low-power consumption – Powered by two 18650 Li-ion battery, VWdot is able to operate for at least 8 months when RSSI is < 15;
    16 months when RSSI is ≧ 15.
    (one measurement per hour).
  • Simple operation – Measuring data can be uploaded to “dot” cloud service through simple set-ups on the SD card.


How to Use Dot 2

Data Sheet(s)

VWdot Datasheet



NB-IoT Vibrating Wire Datalogger VWdot User Manual