Aeroqual AQS1 Air Quality Monitor

Product Information

Specto Technology is proud to offer you the Aeroqual AQS1 – a compact air quality monitor which measures specific pollutants including particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen dioxide and ozone.


  • Combines a robust nephelometer, sharp cut cyclone, with Aeroqual’s industry leading gas sensor technology to monitor and manage multiple outdoor dust and particle size fractions and gas emissions simultaneously and in real-time
  • Integrated heated inlet reduces humidity effects on particulate measurement
  • Rugged, lockable, weatherproof enclosure with solar shielding for very hot climates
  • Huge on-board data storage capacity; can store more than 5 years of data
  • Embedded PC and full software system for remote technical support, data management and analytics
  • Uses Aeroqual’s patented and proprietary ABC methodology to eliminate diurnal and seasonal temperature and humidity effects which affect other sensor-based instruments
  • Modular design gives you the option of ordering the pollution analyzer unit with just ozone for example, and adding PM or another gas at a later date (without returning to the factory)


  • Provides high accuracy at a price that is well below traditional ambient air monitoring equipment
  • Simultaneous measurement of PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and TSP particulate matter and up to 3 gases – Ozone (O3), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Measures environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, rain, pressure, wind speed/direction, and solar radiation as well as noise
  • Produces better data for longer periods through Aeroqual’s patented and proprietary ABC methodology
  • Small size and lower price enables networks of greater density
  • Can be calibrated in the field for maximum traceability
  • Measures and reports real-time data in 1 minute intervals
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Quick set up and relocation in under 10 minutes
  • Free on-line training
  • Pre-approved for Rule 1466 compliance by SCAQMD, USA
  • May be used to monitor in accordance with NY DER-10 regulations


  • Construction and dust emissions
  • Roadside traffic emissions
  • Smog monitoring (smog formation and distribution)
  • Air quality model validations for site selection
  • Air quality research/community exposure studies
  • Rail corridor and terminal emissions
  • Remediation site emissions
  • Port and shipping emissions

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Case Studies

Shaoxing EPA (PM2.5 monitoring network)
SCS Engineers (Remediation dust monitoring)
SISK Group (Construction dust emissions)
Tonglu EPA (PM2.5 monitoring Network)


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