Aeroqual AQS 1 Air Quality MonitorAeroqual AQS 1 Air Quality Monitor

Aeroqual AQS 1 Air Quality Monitor

  • AQS 1 monitors a wide range of gaseous pollutants and particulate matter for outdoor industrial applications (NO2, O3, CO, H2S, VOCs, TSP, PM10, PM2.5)


Product Information

Product Information

Aeroqual AQS 1 from Specto Technology

Specto Technology is proud to offer you the Aeroqual AQS 1 – a compact air quality monitor which measures specific pollutants including particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen dioxide and ozone.

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Additional Information on Aeroqual AQS 1 Air Quality Monitor

  • The AQS 1 is a compact ambient air quality monitor that targets specific pollutants in the urban environment.
  • This air pollution monitoring device can be configured to measure nitrogen dioxide, ozone and particulate matter, which are the most commonly measured pollutants in the urban environment.
  • The AQS 1 air pollution monitoring systems are a near-reference, real-time personal dust monitoring equipment used for specific PM fractions plus O3/NO2/VOC.
  • The AQS 1 is a multi-channel particulate monitor for aerosol profiling plus O3/NO2/VOC.
  • The Aeroqual dust monitoring instruments are designed for those who need to monitor and manage specific outdoor dust and particulates, and gases continuously and in real-time.
  • By using this air pollution monitoring tool, air quality professionals can gain new insight to pollutant activity in the micro-environment.
  • Designed for those who need to monitor and manage multiple outdoor dust and particle size fractions and gas emissions simultaneously and in real-time, the AQS 1’s patented sensor technology delivers high accuracy at a price that is well below traditional ambient air monitoring equipment.
  • Combines a robust light scattering particulate monitor with Aeroqual’s industry leading sensor-based gas analyzer modules to monitor and manage multiple outdoor dust and particle size fractions and gas emissions simultaneously and in real-time.
  • AQS 1 is an ambient air quality monitor that uses a patented method to correct for ozone interference on the electrochemical NO2, a well-known issue with all electrochemical NO2 sensors.
  • The AQS air pollution monitoring instrument produces better data for longer periods because Aeroqual’s ABC methodology eliminates diurnal and seasonal temperature and humidity effects which affect other sensor-based instruments. The computational method is patented and proprietary to Aeroqual.
  • AQS 1 dust analyzers let you access data, assess performance and diagnose faults remotely.
  • This air pollution monitoring system has very high correlation to US EPA reference analyzers.
  • Collectively the key features of this highly-accurate air quality monitor enable it to deliver near reference data quality over extended periods of time – several years with appropriate maintenance.
  • Because it is modular, you may order the pollution analyzer unit with just ozone for example, and add PM or another gas at a later date (without returning to the factory).
  • The AQS 1 dust monitoring instruments are supported by a global distribution network which provides assistance and spare parts.
  • Email/SMS alerts and FTP data export are optional features of these particulate monitors.
  • Plug and play environmental sensors are also optional on these online dust monitoring systems.
  • Short term monitoring of ‘hot spots’ is easy with the AQS 1 air pollution monitoring devices.
  • The AQS 1 is an environmental monitoring system that can be used for community exposure studies, including epidemiological studies, microenvironment, residential, schools, and hospitals.
  • These air quality monitoring systems are also great for Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • The Aeroqual dust monitoring systems are intended for Industrial Operators who need to manage and control dust and VOC emissions from site activities within regulatory or permitted limits.
  • Aeroqual dust analyzers are commonly used in construction and remediation, quarry and mine operations, port and bulk handling terminals, and waste management sites.
  • These outdoor air quality monitoring systems are used by Air Quality professionals who need real-time alternatives to diffusion tubes and dust samplers, or more affordable alternatives to analyzers for environmental impact assessments.
  • These air pollution monitoring devices are also used by Regulatory authorities who require dust measurement methods that provide deployable rapid response incident monitoring.
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) managers use Aeroqual dust measuring devices to demonstrate that they are providing a safe environment for people in their care.
  • The Aeroqual AQS 1 environmental monitoring system is also a valuable tool for researchers who are on a limited budget and want to collect accurate, scientifically robust data for aerosols and urban pollutants.
  • Aeroqual Dust Sentry is pre-approved for Rule 1466 compliance by SCAQMD, USA. This rule applies PM10 as a surrogate for determining maximum fugitive airborne concentrations of metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Aeroqual Dust Sentry may be used to monitor in accordance with NY DER-10 regulations.