Count on Specto Technology for all of your monitoring rental needs.

Rentals for Instantel, Aeroqual and More

  • We carry a large fleet of rentals with weekly, monthly or annual terms.
  • Rentals are ideal for short term projects, or as replacement units when your primary units have been sent out for repairs or calibration.
  • We understand your needs for a quick turn-around and specialize in providing the best customer service in the industry.
  • Contact Us today with your specific needs and requirements.


Available items include:

  • Instantel Rentals
  • Aeroqual Rentals
  • Automated Total Stations (AMTS)
  • Wireless Dataloggers
  • Noise Monitoring Equipment
  • Solar Cameras
  • Cellular Modems
  • Handheld Readouts
  • Protective Enclosures
  • Geophone Rental

Rental Products

How We Work With You
How We Work With You
How we work with you to make your life easier…

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