Noise Monitoring Systems

Noise Monitoring Systems (Sound Level Monitors)


We understand every project is different, which is why we’ve designed simple and easy to use automated noise monitoring systems for every situation. Our Class 1 (SLM) are weatherproof, portable, reliable and our unattended systems arrive connected to the cloud for automated data acquisition and presentation. We can provide:

  • Unattended environmental noise monitoring systems for outdoor and indoor applications (purchase and rental)
  • Attended, portable sound level meters are also available for purchase 

Our Methodology - How We Work With You

Step 1


We begin by learning details of your projects, including timeframe, regulations, potential issues, budget and other requirements

Step 2


Once we understand your needs, we develop a complete, turnkey solution with hardware and software that will not onlu meet, but exceed your requirements, keeping both the budget and timeframe in mind.

Step 3


We support you every step of the way, providing hands-on equipment and software training for your team to ensure that your monitoring program is successful

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