Noise Monitoring Equipment (Sound Level Monitors) available for Sales and Rentals

We are proud to provide you with:

  • Sound and noise monitoring equipment for sales and rental
  • Automated sound level monitors with audio recording and octave band frequency analysis
  • Customized training for you and/or your subcontractors. Click here to view a list of training classes.
  • Best-in-class hosted data solutions to keep your data moving wirelessly from the field to your fingertips
  • Exceptional customer service and support

Specto Technology provides a wide array Noise Sound and Noise Monitoring Solutions with automated systems that remotely monitor your job site from the comfort of your computer.

We work with manufacturers from all around the world to provide you with one of the largest assortments of hardware and software for Sound and Noise Monitoring.

Our technology provides you with the capability to set up a remote monitoring station for your project, which has the capability of uploading your data to a central server via a cellular modem. Data may then be automatically processed and stored so that you may view it through your web browser.

Our team possesses an advanced working knowledge of Noise and Sound monitoring. We are frequently called on by our clients as an extension of their team to research and develop innovative solutions for a new project or to troubleshoot their most difficult and advanced problems.


How We Work With You
How We Work With You
How we work with you to make your life easier…

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