Vibration Software

Product Information

Auto-Call-Home Hosting service utilizes the auto-call-home feature of Instantel’s THOR software, which allow us to offer users easy, reliable, and automatic remote monitoring of events, whether across the street or across the country.

Specto Technology offers an Auto Call Home (ACH) hosting service that takes the headache out of automated data transmission from Instantel seismographs. There is no need for you to provide a dedicated PC, Internet link nor mail server. Data is collected at our server and pushed to the Cloud for customers to access.

Auto Call Home (ACH)

This feature of Instantel’s THOR software allows a seismograph to connect to a host PC remotely, automatically and wirelessly over the Internet via a cellular modem at specific times of the day and whenever a trigger threshold is exceeded.

At each connection, data will be sent to the PC and reports in graphical and tabular formats will be generated in real-time.

THOR software allows reports to be distributed via email to a predetermined group of recipients, every time data is automatically sent from the seismograph.

Service Features

  • We supply computer hardware.
  • We provide continuous internet connection.
  • We provide Mail Server for THOR.
  • We set up THOR for alert and report via email.
  • Automated archiving of data and reports to cloud-based data storage.
  • Monthly hosting rate covers remote modem and seismograph set up, start up support and trouble shooting over emails and phone calls.
  • Specto’s unique “ACH watch” that will notify the user when the monitoring got interrupted due to breaks in communication or other reasons.
  • Optional add-on services includes FTP access to binary data, web based data presentation using software and customized daily, weekly or monthly reports.