Aeroqual Ranger™ Cloud from Specto Technology – Configure Alerts

Today we’re going to show you how to configure your Aeroqual Ranger alerts and what happens if you reach an exceedance.

  1. Press and hold the left arrow key, and it will take you into the settings menu
  2. Scroll down to the alarms
  3. Press the right arrow key or the center button, and it will take you into the alarm section
  4. Configure your trigger and your warning levels, along with the volume
  5. Pres and hold the left key to go back to the main menu
  6. If you go into an environment with high levels of gas, it will trigger an alert
  7. Pressing left will clear the alert and pressing right will clear and silence the alert
  8. Clear and silence the alert

Now the alert is triggered, but the alarm is silenced.