Manhole antenna (900MHz) for Loadsensing nodes

Includes mounting bolt, 2ft cable & RP-SMA connector-(650 mm cable length)


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Product Information

The Manhole Antennas is designed specifically for installation through steel manhole lids.

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Product Features:

  • Low profile antenna designed specifically for installation on steel manhole lids
  • Available in 850MHz (for cell modems) or 915MHz (for radios)
  • 3 dBi gain, monoband tuned, loop antenna
  • 120mm (4.72”) x 17mm (0.67”) (same height as cats eye road marker)
  • High density urethane with M10 stainlesssteel coach bolt to withstand heavy traffic
  • Will withstand extreme temperatures
  • Supplied with 2ft. RG58 coaxial cable and SMA male connector (custom connectors available)

Product Benefits:

  • Allows signal access though steel manholes
  • Minimum site set up required
  • Ideal for longer-term, unattended, wireless data acquisition projects
  • Quick and easy to install

Typical Applications Include:

  • Pore pressure (Piezometer) monitoring
  • Ground movement (borehole extensometer and in-place inclinometer) monitoring
  • The Manhole Antenna may be used with the Loadsensing LS-G6 Wireless Datalogger system to increase data transmission distances from a Wireless Node to a collection Gateway unit.


Manhole Antenna Brochure