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We provide unique, powerful hardware and software for wireless Geotechnical, Structural & Environmental monitoring.

Aeroqual Air Quality Monitors

Specto Technology provides a wide array of solutions for your Dust and Gas Monitoring needs with automated systems that remotely monitor your job site from the comfort of your computer… Explore

Micromates, Minimates & More

We are your one-stop shop for Instantel® Micromate® & Minimate® Pro seismographs – the world’s most trusted vibration monitors and offer Instantel products sales, rentals and expert support… Explore Software

We provide advanced custom software and development services to fit your exact requirements for your Geotechnical, Structural and Environmental monitoring needs…Explore

Specto Technology – Bringing You A World of Solutions

How we work with you to make your life easier…

Specto Technology provides unique, powerful hardware and software for wireless Geotechnical, Structural and Environmental monitoring. This is how we work with you to make your life easier.

Application Examples

The Katy Trail is a jogging, walking, inline skating, and bicycling path that runs through the Uptown and Oak Lawn areas of Dallas, Texas… Learn More

As a part of a 4-year, $236.5 million rehabilitation of the Queens Midtown Tunnel of New York, the Metropolitan Transit Authority… Learn More

Specto Technology supplied Piezometers, Inclinometer Casing, In-Place Inclinometers, Wireless Dataloggers and… Learn More