Loadsensing a LS-G6 Wireless Data Logger

Loadsensing a LS-G6 Wireless Data Logger

Cities are expanding rapidly, not only above, but also underground. They grow through tunneling projects which pose a lot of geotechnical challenges. If you are in charge of a large construction project, you need a reliable instrumentation and monitoring program to reveal hidden threats, to manage risks.

The Risk of Collecting Sensor Data Through Manual Readings

Most of you install sensors to monitor the behavior of the ground and soil structure interaction.

However, the majority of you still collect sensor data through manual readings, which, as you know, is risky and tedious.

Cable Based Monitoring

While cable-based monitoring may be safer, it can be costly to install and maintain, especially in constantly changing environments.

IoT Based Wireless Monitoring

Did you know that IoT-based wireless monitoring easily adapts to your growing and changing monitoring needs? Loadsensing is a pioneer and a global market leader in wireless monitoring. Digitize your existing geo-technical sensors through Loadsensing nodes, but could be configured through a mobile app and automatically integrated in the network, making the system highly scalable.

Collect Data Remotely

Collect data remotely from the beginning to the completion of your tunnel link project, and transmit information straight to your remote control center in real-time or as frequently as your project needs. It also has low power consumption nodes that are robust in extreme temperatures.

This ensures constant, precise, and accurate monitoring for up to 10 years. With over 500 deployments that digitize over 50,000 sensors around the globe, Loadsensing has become the industry reference in IoT wireless monitoring.

A Part of the Most Reputable Metro Tunnel Projects

The Loadsensing product family is part of the most prestigious metro tunnel projects in the world. WorldSensing is a global IoT pioneer, certified and trusted by clients in over 60 countries. The new era of instrumentation and monitoring has begun. Are you ready for it?