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Etelec Crystal Gel Re-Enterable Two-Component Silicone Gel Bottles, 1 Liter (1 qt)


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Product Information

Additional Information on Etelec Crystal Gel

  • These two part liquid silicone gels are formulated for potting and encapsulation.
  • Crystal Gel fast setting potting encapsulants are re-enterable, transparent, two-component waterproof encapsulants suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • These fast curing silicone gels for electronics are used for insulated filling and sealing of casings and junction boxes housing electrical connections of up to 1 kV or electronic components.
  • Crystal Gel’s optically clear epoxy is extremely transparent, which means that the contents of the casing are always visible.
  • The two parts of these quick setting potting gels are supplied in separate containers always guarantee the correct 1:1 mixing ratio.
  • These optically clear silicone potting compounds are supplied with a new 1 liter jug, allowing you to mix the entire contents of both bottles of electronic silicone, quickly and easily.
  • Crystal Gel room temperature cure potting gels may be partially used as needed, and reused even after the pack has been opened, providing maximum yield for connector potting.
  • Once cross-linked, quick drying potting gels can easily be removed without the need for tools even after long periods of time.
  • The low viscosity of this electrical insulating gel makes it easy to pour and ensures fast and safe filling of the containers and gaps.
  • Crystal Gel waterproof gel for electronical connectors is non-toxic, non-irritating, odorless, and solvent-free, and is classified as non-hazardous under European Regulation no. 1272/2008 (CLP).
  • Working timing at 23° C for these quick setting encapsulants is 10 minutes.
  • Cross-linking time at 23° C for these fast setting encapsulants is 24 minutes.
  • There is no waste with these electrical waterproofing compounds thanks to separate bottles and a measuring jug.
  • These easy pouring room temperature cure waterproof encapsulants are crystal clear for full transparency.
  • Fast setting silicone gels are suitable when it is necessary to keep the visibility of the connection and/or the casing.
  • These electrical silicone gels are non-toxic, re-enterable, and eco-friendly.
  • This gel for electric connections provides very fast cross-linking, excellent electrical insulation and good mechanical resistance.
  • The Crystal Gel waterproof room temperature cure encapsulants are reusable after opening and never expire.
  • Electronics potting compounds provide protection from the elements (rain, moisture), dust, animals, insects, and leaves.
  • The Crystal Gel waterproof silicone gels for electronics comes in a convenient kit which contains two transparent bottles and a measuring jug.
  • Crystal Gel quick setting silicone encapsulants are available in two sizes: 1 liter bottles or 2 liter bottles.

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