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Landfill Monitoring Solution

MSLA 1D Landfill Monitoring Project – Kearny, New Jersey

SCOPE: Deliver a unique hardware and software monitoring solution to mitigate contamination of surface water and ground water due to landfill activities.


Specto Technology supplied piezometers, inclinometer casing, in-place inclinometers, wireless dataloggers and the MissionOS software for this innovative project.


  • The Municipal Sanitary Landfill Authority (MSLA) 1D Landfill is located just off the NJ Turnpike, in the Town of Kearny, NJ. In 2017, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) authorized remedial actions to cap and contain pollution at the Landfill site.
  • The work has been organized into two main actions – Leachate control to mitigate contamination of surface water and ground water
  • Before landfill capping, leachate control measures will be implemented. This will allow the landfill to dewater to some degree and increase in stability prior to adding the additional weight of a cap. A subsurface barrier wall is proposed to enclose the waste material. The wall will be keyed into the sand, silt, and clay formation at depths of approximately 50 feet.
  • The second major action will consist of constructing an impermeable cap over the landfill, including a landfill gas collection system.
  • To ensure stability, pore water pressure and lateral movement within the soil are required to be monitored during construction, which is anticipated to last up to two years.


  • Landfill capping to control gas emissions, prevent direct contact with contaminated materials, and reduce leachate generation.


The instrumentation and monitoring scheme, designed and carried out by The Louis Berger Group, Inc. and Vibranalysis Inc., respectively,  consists of the following instruments, dataloggers and software:


Vibrating Wire Piezometers

  • 11 x new and 18 x existing vibrating wire piezometers, were installed in the soil throughout the landfill
  • They are used to monitor pore water pressure within the landfill

In-Place Inclinometers

  • 11 x In-place inclinometers (IPIs), were installed in the soil throughout the landfill
  • They are used to monitor lateral movement of the landfill

Wireless Data Acquisition System

  • The LS-G6 wireless data acquisition system, from Loadsensing, was selected due to its long range radio, low power consumption and easy implementation
  • The system consists of one solar powered Gateway unit, 17 x wireless nodes to read the Digital In-Place Inclinometers and 17 x wireless nodes to read the VW piezometers
  • The data acquisition nodes cover an area of nearly 2 miles
  • The system collects readings automatically and wirelessly from the IPIs and the piezometers

MissionOS Software

  • MissionOS was selected due to it’s powerful and flexible method of online data display
  • It is used for web based management and reporting of data from all automated instruments

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