Aeroqual Dust SentryAeroqual Dust Sentry

Aeroqual Dust Sentry

  • Dust Sentry Monitors PM10, PM2.5, PM1 or TSP in real- time. Dust Sentry is pre-approved for SCAQMD Rule 1466 (California).


Product Information

Product Information

Aeroqual Dust Sentry from Specto Technology

Specto Technology is proud to offer you ​the Aeroqual Dust Sentry – a robust monitor with cutting edge software that measures dust and particulate (PM10, PM2.5, PM1 or TSP) continuously in real-time. Aeroqual Dust Sentry is a nephelometer-based instrument that delivers defensible and accurate mass measurement for PM10, PM2.5, PM1, and TSP.

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The Dust Sentry PM10 Dust Monitor is an affordable, portable device which utilizes a light scattering nephelometer and a precision-engineered sharp cut cyclone to provide robust, accurate measurements. It is used by environmental consultants, EHS managers, regulatory authorities and researchers who need to:
  • Measure particle levels to ensure that pollutants generated by construction activities are within regulatory or permitted limits
  • Provide defensible particulate measurements for their clients to obtain air quality permits
  • Demonstrate that the work environment is safe
  • Provide speedy, reliable incident monitoring
  • Cost-effectively gather strong, accurate data

This modular air quality monitoring instrument is designated for real-time measurement of PM10 dust and particulate matter ranging from 0-60,000 μg/m3. It can also be configured to measure PM2.5, PM1 or TSP. In addition, upgrades, which enable the device to measure VOCs, Ozone and NO2, are available, and you can choose to integrate environmental sensors (i.e. wind, noise, weather, solar radiation) to make this an end-to-end air quality monitoring solution. Added benefits include integrated solar shields which prevent overheating as well as a weather-proof, secure enclosure.

This modular instrument provides continuous, real-time measurement of airborne particles by calculating particulate mass with a light scattering nephelometer that features a visible laser diode and a high precision sharp cut cyclone which chooses particles with diameters of 10 microns or less and employs a heater to lessen moisture when the humidity is elevated.

Utilizing Areoqual’s integrated software, Aeroqual Connect and Aeroqual Cloud, the Dust Sentry can store up to 20 years of data which can be remotely/wirelessly accessed through an API even when the device is disconnected – all without ever installing or updating software. The system provides wind and pollution roses to aid in analysis as well as SMS and email notifications for real-time monitoring.
  • Packaged in a robust weather-proof, lockable enclosure, the Dust Sentry is light enough for one-person site installations. Integrated solar shielding prevents the enclosure from overheating in climates with high solar irradiance. Smart technology.
  • A nephelometer is an optical sensor that uses light scattering from particulate matter to provide a continuous real-time measurement of airborne particle mass. The light source is a visible laser diode and scattered light is measured in the near forward angle using focusing optics and a photo diode. The nephelometer has an on-board temperature sensor which corrects for thermal drift, sheath air filter to keep the optics clean and automatic baseline drift correction.
  • The inlet is fitted with a heater that is used to remove moisture from the incoming sample. Moisture can reduce the accuracy of optical measurement, so for best results the inlet heater is activated in the event of high humidity.
  • The Aeroqual personal dust monitoring equipment, Dust Sentry and Dust Sentry Pro, are robust, portable dust monitors with cutting edge software, making outdoor dust monitoring easy.
  • The Aeroqual Dust Sentry PM10 monitoring equipment is a weather-proof nephelometer-based environmental monitor with integrated solar shielding for outdoor area monitoring of dust and particles.
  • The Dust Sentry is a modular and configurable monitoring platform for measuring dust levels. These Aeroqual particulate monitors provide real-time particle concentration measurements and include the option to integrate environmental sensors such as wind, noise, weather and solar.
  • Used for environmental site remediation, these dust measuring devices are flexible communication platforms that transmit real-time data wirelessly, and give you access through an API.
  • The Aeroqual online dust monitoring systems are web interfaces accessed via browser on any device, allowing you to see all of your data in one place and to set email/SMS alerts on parameters of concern.
  • These Aeroqual dust profilers are purpose-built, robust, integrated, cost-effective, turnkey outdoor air quality testing solutions designed for optimal performance in rugged outdoor environments.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities supercharge your dust measurement program by giving you software tools that reduce your time on site and make it easy for you to keep everyone in the loop.
  • In addition to air pollution particulate level monitoring, these outdoor air quality testers allow you to add gas measurements for emissions monitoring at any time for a robust air quality measurement program.
  • You can connect these remote dust monitoring systems without going to the site.
  • These environmental dust monitoring products allow you to view all data in one software platform (dust, wind, noise).
  • The built-in dust level warning system triggers notifications when the area exceeds set dust particulate limits.
  • The Aeroqual real-time dust monitors not only detect dust particulates; they also allow you to track dust to the source and take action.
  • The Aeroqual personal dust monitoring equipment features purpose-designed enclosure rated IP65, with solar shielding armor and highly reflective powder coating, to reduce the thermal impact on dust measurement and components.
  • Aeroqual dust monitoring instruments are rugged tools for outdoor environmental monitoring designed to operate in the toughest environments; operating range: -10°C to +50°C.
  • With these ambient air particulate monitors, plug and play environmental parameters, such as wind and noise, are easily integrated, and the data is viewed on the same software platform.
  • Dust Sentry combines a light scattering nephelometer and sharp cut cyclone to deliver defensible and accurate dust particle counts. It can be configured for PM10, PM2.5, PM1, or TSP.
  • Dust Sentry Pro dust particle counters deliver simultaneous measurement of PM10 dust, and others such as PM2.5, PM1 and TSP. They also provide particulate counts for 8 channels: 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10 microns.
  • For emissions monitoring and aerosol profiling, Dust Sentry can also be upgraded to measure VOCs, Ozone and NO2.
  • All Aeroqual air quality monitors have the option to integrate environmental sensors for Temperature, Humidity, Noise, Barometric Pressure, Precipitation, Solar Radiation and Wind Speed and Direction.
  • Aeroqual digital dust monitors are intended for environmental site remediation activities when Industrial Operators need to show that particulate levels generated by site activities are within regulatory or permitted limits.
  • Aeroqual particulate monitors are commonly used in construction and remediation, industrial perimeter or fence line monitoring, quarry and mine operations, port and bulk handling terminals, waste management and landfill sites and brownfield developments.
  • The Aeroqual dust sensors are used by Environmental consultants who require defensible particulate measurement for their clients’ air quality permits, EIA and Greenfield baseline studies, or who need to measure multi-channel PM size fractions.
  • These air pollution monitoring devices are also used by Regulatory authorities who require dust measurement methods that provide deployable rapid response incident monitoring.
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) managers use Aeroqual personal dust monitoring systems to demonstrate that they are providing a safe work environment for people in their care.
  • Aeroqual dust measuring devices are also a valuable tool for researchers who are on a limited budget and want to collect accurate, scientifically robust data.
  • The Dust Sentry and Dust Sentry Pro are pre-approved for Rule 1466 compliance by SCAQMD, USA. This rule applies PM10 as a surrogate for determining maximum fugitive airborne concentrations of metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • The Dust Sentry and Dust Sentry Pro may be used to monitor in accordance with NY DER-10 regulations.