Aeroqual AQM 65 Ambient Air Monitoring StationAeroqual AQM 65 Ambient Air Monitoring Station

Aeroqual AQM 65 Ambient Air Monitoring Station

  • Aeroqual AQM 65 Ambient Air Monitoring Station measures up to 20 different gaseous, particulate pollutants and environmental parameters simultaneously and in real-time.

Additional Information on Aeroqual AQM 65

  • With the AQM 65 air quality monitor you can measure outdoor air pollutants in real-time with high data quality, at a price you can afford.
  • The AQM 65 air quality monitoring system offers the optimal balance between performance and price – measuring criteria pollutants to WHO air quality limits yet costing 3-5 times less than a traditional station based on analyzer technology.
  • Compared to cheap alternatives this air pollution monitoring device offers much higher levels of data quality and can be calibrated in the field against certified reference standards for maximum traceability.
  • Simultaneous gas, particulate and environmental data monitoring are benefits of this air pollution monitoring system.
  • The AQM 65 air pollution monitoring tool continuously measures common air pollutants including ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (Co), sulfur dioxide (SO2), volatile organic compounds (VOC), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2), particulate matter (TSP, PM10, PM2.5, PM1) and noise.
  • Continuously monitor up to 10 different environmental parameters such as rainfall, temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction with this ambient air quality monitor.
  • The compact size of this dust analyzer has numerous advantages. The unit can be transported by car, carried by two people, and installed and operational in under 30 minutes.
  • Because the enclosure for this particulate monitor is small, the energy required to temperature control it is much lower than for a traditional air quality monitoring station. Lower power consumption opens up the possibility of remote power supply and further decreases the total cost of ownership of the air monitoring equipment.
  • Modular design of the AQM 65 environmental monitoring system increases flexibility and makes maintenance and servicing easy.
  • You can order your AQM 65 air quality monitoring system with as many or as few sensors as you like – then purchase additional sensors when you need them.
  • The sensors on this pollution analyzer, which are packaged in modules, can be individually removed from the enclosure and sent away for servicing or simply swapped out for a new one.
  • In a network you can also move sensor modules from one air quality monitoring location to another according to your needs.
  • Once the air pollution monitoring instrument operating system is installed- Aeroqual Connect – lets you access data, assess performance and diagnose faults remotely.
  • Online dust monitoring systems let you view data remotely in real-time on PC, tablet, or phone.
  • The AQM 65 air pollution monitoring instrument is a fully integrated system installed and supported by a global service network.
  • Lockable IP65 enclosure with insulated aluminum construction protect the dust monitoring instruments.
  • The AQM 65 air pollution measuring device includes a Gas Sampling System (brushless DC pump, sampling system).
  • A Thermal Management System with Danfoss compressor, heater and TMS controller is also a feature of Aeroqual’s AQM 65 environmental monitoring system.
  • This pollution analyzer utilizes a 90-264 VAC, 47-63Hz Power Module.
  • The External Temperature & Humidity Sensor in this dust monitoring system can measure temperatures from -40 to 120° C and relative humidity from0-100%.
  • The AQM 65 dust measuring devices include free unlimited access to Aeroqual’s online training system.
  • These ambient air quality monitors include web-based data and diagnostics software.
  • The AQM 65 air monitoring equipment is perfect for industrial perimeter monitoring including petrochemical, power plants, waste sites, mining, heavy industry, airports, ports, railways, construction sites.
  • These air pollution monitoring systems are also ideal for near road/roadside air monitoring: motorways, street canyons, traffic information systems.
  • The air pollution monitoring tools are used to measure community exposure: epidemiological studies, microenvironment, residential, schools, hospitals.
  • The AQM 65 dust monitoring system is supported by a global distribution network, meaning you’re never too far from a skilled technician ready to provide assistance and spare parts.
  • In addition Aeroqual’s online training system is free to all our customers, meaning you can become an expert on your AQM online dust monitoring system before it even arrives.
  • Aeroqual Dust Sentry is pre-approved for Rule 1466 compliance by SCAQMD, USA. This rule applies PM10 as a surrogate for determining maximum fugitive airborne concentrations of metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Aeroqual Dust Sentry may be used to monitor in accordance with NY DER-10 regulations.