AMTS Topcon Delta Watch Software

Product Information

Delta Watch is a powerful software that is used to process data collected by an automated total station. With the ability to perform least squares adjustment, set project grids, manage operational alerts and much more, it is one of the most powerful total station monitoring solutions on the market.

Delta Watch software provides a modular solution to monitor, manage and evaluate automatic and/or manual monitoring data as well as optionally trigger alarms. Data from robotic total stations, GNSS receivers, leveling devices, and a variety of geotechnical and structural sensors can be processed and analyzed individually or as a network-adjusted solution.

As standalone software, Delta Watch delivers accurate and reliable data in a variety of reporting formats to best fit a project’s needs. Alternatively, Delta Watch can feed processed data to third-party visualization software to provide system integration capability in large monitoring projects.

Network adjustments are carried out using modern and robust least-squares techniques with all results available for analysis within Delta Watch.

Data from Delta watch may be pushed automatically to a third party display software using an API (like to enable real-time display of data on the web.

Service Features

  • Core software performs computations, alerts and customized reports
  • Observe, assess, and better understand and manage risk
  • Modular offering to grow with you as your projects evolve
  • Notifications are sent when measurements exceed thresholds


  • Structure Monitoring
  • Slope Monitoring
  • Railway Monitoring

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