Portable Handheld S-Series Monitor (S500)

Monitor base with:

  • Lithium battery and power charger
  • PC software included

Use with S-Series sensor heads


Product Details

The Aeroqual S500 Portable Air Quality Monitor allows you to monitor particulates (dust – sizes PM10 and PM2.5) or gas compounds (VOC’s, NO2, Ozone etc.) in real-time using over 30 interchangeable sensor heads (SOLD SEPARATELY).


  • The Aeroqual Portable Air Quality Monitor enables accurate real-time surveying of common indoor and outdoor air pollutants, all in an ultra-portable handheld monitor
  • Perfect for short term air quality studies and carrying out checks on pollution “hot spots”
  • Allows users to monitor particulates (dust – sizes PM2.5 and PM10 ) or gas compounds (VOC’s, NO2, Ozone, etc.) in real time with one compact unit
  • Log data to the onboard memory and download data using the free PC software (Windows compatible)
  • Flexible air quality monitoring solution that can be configured with 30 different sensors (SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • Active fan sampling ensures highest possible accuracy
  • Zero and span calibrate in the field
  • Long life lithium battery technology
  • Connect direct to PC via USB
  • By adding the optional outdoor enclosure can be left in situ for short term monitoring


  • Simple to use, easy to maintain, multiple applications
  • Swapping sensor heads takes seconds
  • Small enough to fit comfortably in the hand, they can be used anywhere – indoors or outdoors


  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Industrial hygiene and personal exposure studies
  • Checking pollution “hot spots”
  • Community exposure studies

About Aeroqual

Downloading Data from Your Aeroqual S500

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User Manual

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