Aeroqual Ranger Air Quality Monitor (Base)

-Ranger monitor base with integrated battery
-USB-C power cord & USB-C power charger
– Built in temp/RH sensor
– zero filter and assembly for calibration

Sensors sold separately


Product Details

The Aeroqual Ranger Portable Air Quality Monitor is our Wi-Fi enabled, Cloud-connected dust monitor for EH&S and air quality professionals. A “swappable” sensor head design allows users to measure up to 28 common indoor and outdoor pollutants, removing and replacing sensors in seconds.


  • Active sampling technology
  • Hot-swap calibration
  • Remote data access
  • Ranger Cloud
  • Air Monitoring as a Service (AMaaS)
  • A monitor as diverse as your projects


  • Never lose data again; Access data remotely and receive alerts to respond in real-time
  • More information for less effort: automatic calculations and visualizations for reports
  • Cloud storage and sharing; Leverage automatic calculations and visualizations
  • Zero-downtime on factory calibrations with exchangeable sensor heads
  • Suitable for diverse projects with support for 28 sensor heads and 15 gases (optional)
  • An extremely lightweight handheld monitor with incredible battery life


  • Occupational hygiene monitoring
  • Personal exposure assessments
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Ambient air quality monitoring
  • Engineering control assessments
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Measurement of multiple particle fractions


  • Air quality professionals who need real-time defensible measurements
  • Environmental health and safety professionals who need to demonstrate safe environments
  • Industrial hygienists who need a portable device
  • Indoor air quality professionals
  • Building certifiers

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Aeroqual Ranger™ Cloud AQI

Aeroqual Ranger™ Cloud – Connect to Wi-Fi

Aeroqual Ranger™ Cloud – Configure Alerts

Aeroqual Ranger™ Cloud – Alerts

Aeroqual Ranger™ Cloud – Advanced Charts


Ranger Spec Sheet Aeroqual Ranger Brochure