Measurand ShapeArray (SAAV)

Product Information

Specto Technology is proud to offer the Measurand ShapeArray, a device whose design has been updated to enable faster and simpler installation into conventional inclinometer casing. 

Product Features

  • Segment length of 500 mm (joint center to joint center)
  • 47 mm to 100 mm casing diameters (inside)
  • Waterproof To 2000 kPa (200 m Water)
  • ± 60° with respect to vertical range of 3D mode
  • ± 360° (software selection required for 2D/3D modes) angular range of mems sensors
  • Weight of 0.6 kg/m

Product Benefits

  • New joint design enables the instrument to zigzag into various casing sizes
  • Contains upgraded MEMS sensors that reduces power consumption and improve resolution
  • Available with 500 mm segment length segments, up to 150 meters long

Typical Applications Include:

  • Designed to be installed into existing casings which eliminates the need to drill new boreholes when converting from manual to automated monitoring
  • Slope monitoring
  • Slurry wall monitoring
  • Excavation deformation monitoring




Measurand SAAV Datasheet


SAAV Manual