Measurand ShapeArray (SAAV)

Measurand ShapeArray (SAAV)

The innovation behind the SAAV Model 001 is ideal for retrofitting ShapeArray instrumentation into existing conventional inclinometer casings or for new installations in ungrooved casings.


Measurand ShapeArray from Specto Technology

Specto Technology is proud to offer the Measurand ShapeArray, a device whose design has been updated to enable faster and simpler installation into conventional inclinometer casing. 

Product Features

  • Segment length of 500 mm (joint center to joint center)
  • 47 mm to 100 mm casing diameters (inside)
  • Waterproof To 2000 kPa (200 m Water)
  • ± 60° with respect to vertical range of 3D mode
  • ± 360° (software selection required for 2D/3D modes) angular range of mems sensors
  • Weight of 0.6 kg/m

Product Benefits

  • New joint design enables the instrument to zigzag into various casing sizes
  • Contains upgraded MEMS sensors that reduces power consumption and improve resolution
  • Available with 500 mm segment length segments, up to 150 meters long

Typical Applications Include:

  • Designed to be installed into existing casings which eliminates the need to drill new boreholes when converting from manual to automated monitoring
  • Slope monitoring
  • Slurry wall monitoring
  • Excavation deformation monitoring

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