In-Place Inclinometers (IPI)

Product Information

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  • An In-Place Inclinometer (IPI) is designed to measure lateral displacement within a borehole
  • Jointed together and suspended within casing inside a borehole, a string of IPI sensors may be used to monitor the continuous profile of the inclinometer casing
  • Vertical and (sub)horizontal in-place inclinometers may utilize uniaxial or biaxial tilt sensors that offer great performance in terms of both accuracy and thermal drift


  • Digital systems simplify and speed-up the the installation procedures
  • Digital systems offer greater noise immunity than analog types and are capable of signal transmission over cables lengths up to 1200 m, depending on the number of sensors
  • Ideally suited for use in installations which deviate excessively from the vertical
  • Their long-term stability is excellent and they are resistant to shock loads


The remote, continuous, and automatic monitoring of…

  • Lateral deformation in dams and tailings
  • The stability of natural slopes, landslides, embankments and sub- sea marine sediments
  • The stability of slurry walls, sheet piling and tieback walls
  • Lateral ground movements in, around and above tunnels and underground openings


In-Place Inclinometer Data Sheet

User Manual

In-Place Inclinometer Manual