WASP LTE 4G Datalogger

reads 1 x mA/pulse/SDI-12 sensor
Comes with 1 x flying lead with M12 connector for sensor input
Includes built-in LTE/4G/Cat-M modem, SIM, external stubby antenna & battery


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Product Information

The WASP LTE 4G Datalogger is a low power, easily installed, wireless and web-enabled datalogger that can read many analog & digital sensors. Controlling and configuring is also simple using a cloud-based web portal.

The WASP has a built-in 4G/LTE modem with a preinstalled SIM card. Once on site, the sensors are plugged in to a waterproof connector that is attached to a flying leads from the WASP. The user then logs on to the web portal to configure the sensors and set up a logging and reporting schedule.

The WASP may be used with many sensors for geotechnical, structural & environmental monitoring in projects such as buildings, bridges, railways, highways, dams, slope stability & mines.

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Product Features:

  • Can simultaneously read up to 2 x analog or digital
  • Data uploaded wirelessly and automatically to the web
  • Connects to the Internet using a built in SIM card
  • No fixed IP address required
  • Can store thousands of data-points
  • Low power, internal battery life of up to 3-years
  • Multiple permission levels on the web portal

Product Benefits:

  • Compatible with sensors that output 4-20mA current, 0-5 voltage, pulse or SDI-12 digital signals
  • Minimum site set up required
  • Ideal for long-term, unattended, wireless data acquisition projects
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Tested and proven with over 10,000 units in use worldwide

Typical applications include:

  • Tilt monitoring
  • Crack displacement monitoring
  • Pore pressure monitoring
  • Water level monitoring
  • Barometric monitoring
  • Rainfall monitoring
  • Water and air flow monitoring
  • Water Pressure Data Acquisition


WASP LTE Datalogger Datasheet



WASP 4G Manual WASP-VW Manual