How to Unbox a Sonitus EM2030 Sound Level Meter?

How to Unbox a Sonitus EM2030 Sound Level Meter?

How to Unbox a Sonitus EM2030 Sound Level Meter?

Sonitus Systems Automated Sound Level Meter – Unboxing

Our Sonitus Systems is in the carrying case. First thing we will do, is we are going to open up this case. We’ve got the EM2030 sound level monitor.

EM2030 Sound Level Meter – Antennas

This is the actual brains of the operation. It has two antennas; one for wifi and one for cellular. On the bottom, you have a port for the microphone on the right and a port for the power on the left, and then your led indicator on the left there that flashes on when you powered up.

Optional Ethernet Port & Weatherproof Wind Screen

Then on the top side, we have an optional ethernet port, which is an optional factory add on. The next thing that we have is our windscreen, with a built in bird spike. This is a weatherproof wind screen so you don’t have to worry about your microphone getting damaged in the rain with this wind screen.

Microphone Pole Clamp & Microphone Extension Cable

We’ve got a clamp for the microphone pole. We have the microphone and windscreen base, which has a little outlet on the bottom there to let the cable through and then it has a standard tripod thread adapter on the bottom there. Then we have the microphone extension cable. That plugs into the bottom of the microphone, which is inside our windscreen already and into our EM2030 sound level monitor.

AC Power Cable

We’ve got our AC power cable, which plugs into the outside of the case. This case is fitted with the permanent monitoring adapters here so you can plug your AC power cable directly in there, and then you can pass the microphone cable through this one.

Sound Level Monitor to be Placed in the Center

All of those cables can be neatly routed up inside so you can have the sound level monitor in the center and then your microphone cable coming out the side here.

AC/DC Transformer Power Supply

The last thing in the box here, is our AC/DC transformer power supply for the sound level monitor, which plugs in here.

A Sound Level Meter by Sonitus Systems

If you are interested in seeing our previous videos on how to set up your Sonitus Systems sound level meter, you can click on the link here and we look forward to seeing you next time.