Automated Noise Monitoring

  • Remote Noise Monitoring at your construction site or industrial fence line including sound clips and frequency analysis.

Automate your Noise Monitoring and save an average of 50%.

We are proud to provide you with:

  • A fully automated continuous sound level monitoring system
  • Data collection and reporting using the latest cloud-based IoT platforms
  • Customized training for you and/or your subcontractors. Click here to view a list of training classes.

Specto Technology will help you streamline your noise monitoring with automated systems that remotely monitor your job site from the comfort of your computer.

  • Reduce Project Costs.  Win More Work.  Expand Your Scope.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged design and user friendly operation
  • Class 1 noise monitor with octave band frequency and sound clip recording
  • Pre-configured for immediate connection, via telemetry, to our cloud software
  • Compliance monitoring and live alerts for exceedances
  • Automated reporting features and stakeholder access
  • Integrate with air quality, weather and camera for remote monitoring of your work site


Case Studies


Specto Technology offers noise and vibration monitoring equipment, for sale or rental, in order to deliver integrated monitoring solutions for general contractors, construction and engineering firms, developers, excavators, demolition companies and environmental consultants.
  • Our noise and vibration monitoring systems are ideal for industrial operators who need a cost-effective and robust solution to monitor noise and vibration from construction activity.
  • When the need for instrumentation and monitoring schemes arise, look to Specto Technology to build a comprehensive environmental monitoring solution, including air quality monitoring, dust monitoring and noise and vibration monitoring equipment.
  • Our environmental monitoring equipment enables teams to remotely monitor sites during construction activities, and compile the data on an on-demand basis.
  • The Sonitus EM2030 Sound Level Monitor is an automated noise monitor featuring an extended measurement range and remote control setup.
  • Our noise monitoring equipment allows you to remotely capture audio clips to identify noise sources, and provides frequency analysis tools to provide detailed sound source investigation.
  • The AutoSLM sound meter utilizes the powerful Campbell Scientific CR800 datalogger and the Center 322 sound level meter for easy monitoring of sound level readings.
  • The AutoSLM enables users to collect sound and vibration data remotely by connecting to a modem, eliminating the need to re-visit the site to download data.
  • Our noise and vibration monitoring systems calculate and output multiple parameters including Lmax, Leq and Ln at multiple of intervals (e.g. 15-min, 60-min and or 8-hour) simultaneously.
  • Environmental monitoring data can be pushed to web-based data management software directly for real-time display, reporting and alarm checking. Email alerts can be configured to allow adjustment of control protocols as required.
  • The BSWA 308 (Class 1) is a new generation digital sound level meter that has a range applications, including measurement and assessment of high quality noise and environmental noise.
  • The BSWA 308 (Class 1) octave sound level meter uses a single chip ARM with FPU and float-point calculation to provide accuracy and stability.
  • Specto Technology also supplies state-of-the-art geotechnical monitoring instruments including crackmeters, tiltmeters, wireless dataloggers and software for implementation in the field.