How to Calibrate a BSWA Inside an Aeroqual Monitor?

How to Calibrate a BSWA Inside an Aeroqual Monitor?

Today, we’re going to have a look at how to calibrate your BSWA sound level meter integrated in your Aeroqual unit.

  1. First, lift up your unit and then press the pause button. You should see the pause icon in the corner.
  2. Once you’re on pause, press menu, navigate down to calibration, and hit enter. (We’re doing this upside down because that’s the way that the cable comes out of the box.)
  3. Hit play/pause to start the calibration.

Next, we’ll get our microphone ready. We will need our sound level calibrator for this. Our microphone is mounted on the tripod.

  1. To remove the microphone from the weather proof’s windscreen for calibration, we want to remove the second seam You’ll notice that there is one seam and then there’s another seam just above it. We want to unscrew the upper seam to reveal the microphone preamp.
  2. Place the calibrator on top, press the calibrate button, and now come back to BSWA and press play/pause
  3. Exit out of that.
  4. Start recording again by hitting play/pause until we get back to the play icon.
  5. Then come back to remove the calibrator and replace the upper portion of the windscreen. Screw that back on.

That’s all there is to it. Contact us for more information!