Monitoring air on California’s largest remediation project

Parsons chose Aeroqual’s solution for the Exide project, saving time and enhancing data compliance with South Coast AQMD regulations. Over 5,100 parcels have been cleaned up under the DTSC’s oversight. Aeroqual is delighted to have been selected by Parsons to provide air monitoring technology for the Exide Residential Cleanup. The former battery recycling plant in Vernon, CA, emitted toxic contamination that affected over 10,000 sensitive properties and 100,000 people. Parsons is removing lead-contaminated soil from over 1,000 properties within a 1.7-mile radius of the plant. Overseen by the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), the cleanup, which began in 2018, is California’s largest remediation effort.


Exide Residential Cleanup Vernon, CA, USA

United States

2024 – ongoing

42x Aeroqual Dust Sentry and Cloud Site Contribution Rule 1466 PM10, Wind Speed and Direction

PM10, Wind Speed and Direction


Project Challenges

South Coast AQMD Rules 403 and 1466 require real-time monitoring of PM10 upwind and downwind of each residential cleanup site. This extensive project requires a large fleet of air monitors with wind sensors to collect data and alert for dust exceedances so they can be mitigated quickly. Challenges include setting up and calibrating the monitors daily before site activities start. Parsons adopted the Aeroqual Dust Sentry and Cloud to resolve data and deployment challenges. With over 40 monitors in operation, the rugged and ultraportable design simplifies transport and setup for field staff; one switch activates the entire system, including auto-calibration and instantaneous data upload to the cloud. Using Aeroqual’s API, Parsons can rapidly share data in the prescribed Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) format, enabling the DTSC to comply with reporting requirements and publish daily air quality readings.

Project outcome

Aeroqual’s solution has been a game-changer for Parsons’ project managers and field staff, leading to time savings and enhanced data compliance. As of May 2024, over 5,100 parcels had been cleaned up, including schools, parks, and daycares. The cleanup continues at about 80 homes a month.

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