Top 3 Reasons to Automate Your Air Quality Monitoring Program

Top 3 Reasons to Automate Your Air Quality Monitoring Program

Construction projects often create airborne contaminates that can impact the workers at the site and nearby communities. Dust and gases from demolition, excavation, construction, remediation and related activities can be harmful to human health and the surrounding environment. To decrease the harmful impact these types of activities can have on the public, protection agencies and government authorities require compliance with regulatory and reporting standards.

In order to comply with these standards, operators need to implement a comprehensive, real-time dust monitoring program that simultaneously measures dust and other air pollutants. With the recent advances in real-time air monitoring technology, that task has become easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

Using manual techniques or handhelds that measure dust on filter papers is outdated and cost prohibitive. Today’s remote monitoring techniques leverage optical and sensor-based instruments that are easy to configure and provide high accuracy. In addition, automated air monitoring programs offer the following benefits:

  • Saves Fieldwork Time and Resources – with an automated system, your personnel or project consultants will spend less time in the field which translates into cost savings for your project.
  • Provides Two-Way Communication – now you can troubleshoot problems remotely, and automatically calibrate your monitor from the office.
  • Features Automated Reporting – a fully-automated system with cloud-based access to live data and an analytics and reporting feature can convert your site data into valuable, usable information that can be used to keep your project on-track and compliant.

To ensure you get the accuracy and reliability you need in an automated air monitoring system – at a fair price – Specto Technology offers Aeroqual’s AQS1. The AQS1 system can meet all of your monitoring requirements, including noise, vibration and dust, plus gases and weather. Vibration sensors, noise monitors and wind sensors are easily integrated to form a complete, remote monitoring solution.

This AQS1 air quality monitor combines a robust nephelometer, sharp cut cyclone, with Aeroqual’s industry-leading sensor technology to monitor and manage multiple outdoor dust and particle size fractions (including PM10 and PM2.5), organic chemicals (VOCs), and gas (NO2) emissions simultaneously and in real-time with wind speed and direction data in a compact integrated system.

The easily deployable, cost-effective automated air monitoring system is a cloud-based solution that lets you access live data, assess performance and diagnose faults remotely. The Aeroqual cloud provides fail-safe backup, email and SMS alerts and access to your data even when the instrument is offline.

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