How to Mount a Vaisala Ultrasonic Weather Station to a Tripod?

How to Mount a Vaisala Ultrasonic Weather Station to a Tripod?

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Here we have the Vaisala weather station and down here, we have the connection for the power and comms. This component here is the one inch pole connector that we will use. Here is the power and comms. And finally on the pole is a one inch pole that we provide to you and a hose clamp. That’s connecting that on to our tripod.

Step 1 – Attach the Pole Connector

All right, so the first thing we need to do is attach the one inch pole connector to the one inch pole. You simply place that onto the pole. It just sits there, ready for us to put the weather station on.

Step 2 – Connect the Power and Comms to the Weather Station

Okay, next we have to connect the power and comms to the weather station, but the power and

comms cable has to go through the one inch pole. So it will show you how to do that, but this is where you connect the two and you just have to screw the silver component tightly on to make the connection.

Step 3 – Mount Your Vaisala Onto Your Tripod

Now let me just show you that on the tripod. Okay, we are putting the cable through.

Connect that power cable to the Vaisala and it is tight. Put the Vaisala onto the one inch pole

connector, like so. There’s your Vaisala mounted onto your tripod.

Step 4 – Point the Vaisala North

Now you want to make sure that the Vaisala is pointed to the North. There is an arrow under the bottom here, an arrow just there. So if you point your weather station North, you can rotate that around the one inch pole relatively easily. Point that North to make sure that you’re getting the right wind direction readings.