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Larson Davis SoundTrack LxT Sound Level Meter (Class 1)

Class 1 Sound Level Monitor with free-field prepolarized precision condenser microphone and preamplifier (PRMLXT1)


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Product Information

SoundTrack LxT Sound Level Meter (Class-1) from Specto Technology

The Specto Technology team is proud to provide you with the latest SoundTrack LxT Sound Level Meter (Class-1) to support your sound level measurement requirements for basic noise measurement, environmental noise assessments, product quality checks and evaluation of noise reduction engineering.

Product Features

  • 30 hours operation using AA lithium batteries
  • Large, bright, high-contrast LCD Screen
  • 1/1 and 1/3 Octave digital filters (optional firmware upgrade required)
  • Extremely Rugged – compact and lightweight
  • Multi-language for global compatibility
  • Includes free-field prepolarized precision condenser microphone and preamplifier (PRMLXT1)


  • Simple Operation – with just one hand!
  • Multiple Measurements From One Sampling Session
    • Real-time broadband display
    • Real-time octave filters (with firmware upgrade)
    • Real-time 1/3 octave filters (with firmware upgrade)
    • Leq (average w/ 3 dB exchange rate)
    • TWA
    • Logging
    • Lmax
    • Lpeak
    • Multiple dose and exposure calculations
    • Time stamping of relevant metrics
    • Digital voice annotation


  • Workplace noise exposure assessment
  • Plant noise surveys
  • Basic noise measurement
  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Construction noise monitoring
  • Product quality check
  • Evaluation of noise reduction engineering
  • Ambient Monitoring
  • Environmental Surveys
  • Wind Farm Environmental Impact
  • Short/Medium Term Noise Consulting Projects

Helpful Videos


LD SoundTrack LxT Datasheet