Light Weight Monitoring Prism

This light weight, low profile monitoring prism assembly is designed to allow for epoxying onto surfaces thanks to the wide, aluminum flange.


Metal Road Monitoring Prisms from Specto Technology

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The light weight, low profile monitoring prism is secured onto a light weight aluminum L-shaped flange.

The light weight design allows the prism assembly to be epoxied to a surface when anchor bolts are not able to be used.

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  • Small size
  • Prism diameter:  17.8mm
  • Measuring distance:  1000M
  • Constant:  0
  • Accuracy:  5 arc sec


  • Possible to secure to surfaces with epoxy due to light weight
  • Discrete due to low profile and small prism size


  • Monitoring prisms are designed for use with an automated total station (AMTS) to monitor settlement and deformation of roads, buildings, pavement, and other surfaces.