Remote Monitoring is the Future of Construction

COVID-19 has presented many challenges for the construction industry, and many doubt it will ever be the same again.

Practices such as social distancing and working from home are likely to continue beyond this epidemic, as the industry seeks to mitigate future risk to people and projects.

Considerations Externals Contractors Will be Taking Moving Forward

As an external contractor, what considerations must be taken when facing this new future?

Paul Pickering from Aeroqual discusses the possible challenges in his recent post. To summarize:

  • Physical interactions are likely to be limited between company employees and client contractors
  • Site access will become more difficult as social interaction is reduced
  • The cost of liability insurance will increase to protect from future health risks
  • Companies will look to reduce costs by increasing efficiency and technology solutions

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring provides a technical solution to COVID-19 and other health risks for contractors working in the construction industry. Recent advances in IoT hardware and software are making it easier to automate data collection and remotely manage instrumentation. Features of wireless systems include:

  • IoT data management to monitor a wireless network of sensors and instruments across one or multiple sites
  • Two way communication to diagnose issues and troubleshoot hardware
  • Display real-time data from a range of data sources (geotechnical, structural and environmental) on one live dashboard
  • Live cameras and alert systems (SMS, email) to manage site activities and social distancing
  • Remote calibration or extended calibration frequency using the latest sensor technology
  • Automated correction of monitoring data using meteorological data
  • Low power solutions for long term monitoring and collection of data using solar power

Reducing Field Time

By reducing the time required to be physically present in the field, many of the challenges faced by COVID-19 are addressed, reducing health risks and cutting project costs.

Specto Technology specialize in providing remote monitoring systems to the construction industry, using the latest in sensor technology, remote data collection and IoT platforms.

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