LS Slope Monitoring Kit Overview

Today, we’re going do a quick overview of the slope monitoring system using load sensing nodes.

Equipment (from top to bottom)

  • Vaisala all-in-one weather station – this measures precipitation, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, and direction.
  • Solar panel – this is used to power the weather station.
  • On/Off Switch – behind the solar panel is an on/off switch to disconnect the battery.
  • Cables – there are 2 cables, one that plugs into the solar panel and another cable (on the other side) to power the instrument – it plugs into the load sensing digital node.
  • Loadsensing digital node – a digital, data logging, wireless, node that will read the Vaisala weather station. It is connected to the weather station through a signal cable through the custom mount of the Vaisala weather station.
  • String Pot – the next thing that we have on the tripod is the string pot for measuring displacement down the slope. This is a 10-foot string pot so you can extend this string 10 feet from the sensor to measure the displacement very precisely. This is connected with an analog signal cable that goes into the Loadsensing analog node. So we have load sensing analog voltage node connected to our 10 foot string pot.

That is the load sensing slope monitoring setup.