How to Unbox a Reference Survey Prism?

How to Unbox a Reference Survey Prism?

How to Unbox a Reference Survey Prism?

Unboxing a Large Reference Prism

This is the large reference prism here and it comes in two boxes. Let’s start with the small one here. We’ve got our hardware and two different standoffs for a survey pole mount.

We’ve got another standoff for a survey pole mount. There are various sizes and there are small angle brackets and a couple of screws and washers.

We also have the main large angle bracket. And in the large box here, got our solar and rain shields. Then we have the main prism. So this is a 62 millimeter prism and it is fully sealed. It is going to be completely weatherproof.

How to Put Together a Reference Survey Prism

  • Take out our hardware
  • Start by putting the small angle on onto back of the prism
  • Hand tighten it
  • Take another screw and put it through the hole on the triangular side of the large bracket and then into the nut that is welded onto the small end go on
  • Again, tighten it up
  • Finally, all you have to do is click on the hood.
  • And the hood can be rotated around the prism

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