How to Install a Rail Clip Prism Assembly?

How to Install a Rail Clip Prism Assembly?


Rail Clip Prism: 25 Millimeter Prism & Anodized Aluminum L-Bar

A rail clip prism is made up of two components. We have a high-quality 25 millimeter prism connected to an anodized aluminum L-bar. The rail clip is two parts, stainless steel connected by a stainless steel bolt. And we have another stainless steel bolt connecting the L-bar to the bracket.

Preparing the Rail Clip Prism

The tools I have for installation today are a socket wrench and two Allen keys. Lets prepare the rail.

  1. First, I am going to remove the prism. Keep that safe, put it out of the way. Give me a a little bit more room to work.
  2. Next, I am going to scrape away some of the ballast underneath. Give me room to work and room for the clip to go underneath.
  3. Now, I have already loosened this stainless steel bolt that connects to the clip. Open that up, slide it underneath the rail, clip on one side, clip on the other. Just use fingers to tighten here until we get a nice, solid clamp on the flange of the rail, all the way in.
  4. Use a socket wrench to tighten that right up.
  5. Now let’s say our total station is at a steep angle. It is pretty close, and it is off to the right of the track. I am going to angle this up to the appropriate angle, lock that in with our Allen key.
  6. Now let’s put the prism back on. Just going to screw that in, make it tight. Say the total station is off to the right, we want to angle it perpendicular to where the laser of the total station will be shooting that optical prism. So, we want it right there.
  7. Let’s tighten that up, use the other Allen key. Get that tight.

Now we are ready to go. Happy monitoring!