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Geotechnical, Structural and Environmental Wireless Vibration Monitoring

  • Our customers’ greatest strength is winning and managing monitoring projects. They get the work done in the field and we supplement their efforts.
  • Specto Technology is proud to support our clients in designing, selecting and implementing the best automated wireless monitoring equipment.
  • Below are some examples of how we have supported our clients in bringing their projects to life.

Dust, Gas, Noise, Weather Monitoring of Construction

Long Island, New York

SCOPE: Deliver a unique hardware and software monitoring solution to minimize potential impact of construction dust and contaminants on downwind communities at the nation’s busiest commuter line. This included compliance with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) DER-10 – Technical Guidance for Site Investigation and Remediation and associated Community Air Monitoring Plan (CAMP).

Specto Technology provided 25 Portable Air Quality Stations powered by the Aeroqual AQS 1 configured for PM10, VOC, Noise, Weather, Camera and Telemetry.


Dust & Vibration Monitoring of Demolition

Long Beach, California

SCOPE:  Deliver a unique hardware and software monitoring solution to minimize potential environmental impact during the removal of four decommissioned generating units at the Haynes Generating Station in Long Beach, California. As site work was considered to have a potential environmental impact on the surrounding area, perimeter monitoring for dust, noise and vibration was deployed.

Specto Technology provided 4 Portable Aeroqual Dust Sentry Units configured with PM10, noise, weather and telemetry (co-located with vibration monitors).


Pedestrian Bridge Monitoring Solution

Pedestrian Bridge Monitoring

Dallas, Texas

SCOPE: Deliver unique engineering designs and monitoring products for the transition of land from old Railroad grounds to a jogging, walking, inline skating and bicycling path.

Specto Technology provided innovative and state-of-the-art monitoring products including crackmeters, tiltmeters, wireless dataloggers and ARGUS software for implementation in the field.


Construction Noise Monitoring Solution

Construction Noise Monitoring

New York City, New York

SCOPE: Deliver a unique data-to-desk sound monitoring solution product for monitoring noise from two concurrent construction projects being performed on the Queens Midtown Tunnel.

Specto Technology provided two AutoSLM-SC which have been in operation at the Queens Midtown Tunnel site since February 2016 and have been providing critical record of both construction induced sounds, or otherwise, noises in the project areas.


Landfill Monitoring Solution

Landfill Monitoring

Kearny, New Jersey

SCOPE: Delivered unique monitoring solution to mitigate contamination of surface water and ground water due to landfill activities.

Specto Technology supplied piezometers, inclinometer casing, in-place inclinometers, wireless Dataloggers and the MissionOS software to this critical project.


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