Remediation Site Monitoring

Specto Technology provides the latest Perimeter Air Monitoring Solutions for Remediation


Common pollutants and environmental parameters measured at remediation sites include:

  • Particulate emissions, including dust, are generated from demolition, excavation, soil aerating, recycling and from bulk material stockpiling and transfer. Fine particles such as PM2.5 are emitted in the exhaust from diesel-powered machinery and equipment.
  • VOC’s released from contaminated soil during excavation, in-situ aerating, stockpiling and during haulage to regulated landfills

Remediation Site Monitoring

Whatever the duration or type of project, count on Specto Technology to provide you with a monitoring solution that meets your project objectives, regulatory compliance and stakeholder needs.

We offer cost-effective and technically defensible real-time monitoring solutions for your project that are suitable for remediation sites required to comply with NYSDEC CAMP, SCAQMD Rule 1466 and other Perimeter Air Monitoring Plans

Our monitors arrive at your site connected to the cloud for real-time data analysis and simultaneously measure key pollutants found at remediation sites:

  • Particulate Matter (PM10, PM2.5 and TSP)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • Add additional sensor modules to measure for Ozone, NOx, H2S, CO, CO2, SO2, noise, vibration and weather.

There’s no assembly required, just plug it in! (AC or DC).

  • We also provide power and data solutions that work anywhere in the US/Canada and include weather proof battery cases, solar charge controllers and 24V solar panels.

Software and Access to Data

Our software allows you to view all your real-time data on one dashboard online. Air quality, noise, vibration, weather, video – with reporting tools to save you time! Other benefits include:

  •  Two way communication for troubleshooting and remote calibrations – less time in the field
  •  Public access dashboard with your logo and design
  •  Fail-safe backup
  •  Email and SMS alerts
  • Advanced reporting features (trend analysis, upwind/downwind calcs)  designed by our software engineers

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