Rail Monitoring

Rail Monitoring Solutions

Our monitoring solution allows rail operators to implement remote data-collection and real-time monitoring.

  • Closely monitor multiple parameters, such as rail temperature, in near real-time
  • Perform long-range monitoring without antennas, hazards or constraints on the track devices
  • Monitor long rail tracks covering remote distances.
  • Manage the impact of changing environmental and weather conditions


Specto Technology rail monitoring solutions can help you manage your biggest challenges. Our precise and reliable rail monitoring delivers crucial data 24/7. Specto Technology rail monitoring sensors and communication platforms are quick, simple to install and offer high performance.


Specto Technology Automated Motorized Total Station (AMTS) units are used for remote, optical rail monitoring. Hardware required includes the Total station, mounting accessories and an internet connection (e.g. a wireless cellular modem). Once configured, the unit may then be controlled remotely and programmed to collect and transmit rail monitoring data at regular intervals. Specto Technology provides new or certified pre-owned AMTS units for purchase and/or rent to suit the duration of your rail project. All hardware packages include a Total Station unit, tribrach mounting bracket and communication cable. Wireless cellular modems are also available upon request.

Specto Technology’s rail clip assembly is designed for easy attachment of monitoring prisms, mounted directly with supplied hardware. The rail monitoring clips are shock resistant with rugged construction. No modifications will be needed on your existing rail, making installation fast & easy.

Specto Technology offers customers a fully hosted and supported software solution that allows users to control their AMTS devices remotely, without needing to purchase or maintain costly software. Set-up is simple but experienced professionals are on-hand to guide users through each step, if required. Once the system is up and running, rail monitoring data may be pushed automatically to eagle.io software to enable real-time display of data on the web.

Loadsensing’s Wireless Tiltmeter is a powerful and essential tool for rail monitoring projects. The Loadsensing Wireless Tiltmeter offers low-power, long-range wireless data logging and measuring inclination capabilities in a single, weatherproof, compact unit. This standalone logger stands out among competing models with it’s long-range wireless communication and extended battery life.