Loadsensing Wireless Tiltmeter

Product Information

Loadsensing’s Wireless Tiltmeter is a powerful and essential tool for a wide variety of structural & geotechnical monitoring projects. The Loadsensing Wireless Tiltmeter offers low-power, long-range wireless data logging and measuring inclination capabilities in a single, weatherproof, compact unit. This standalone logger stands out among competing models with its long-range wireless communication and extended battery life.

Tiltmeters for monitoring applications provide measurements of changes from the vertical level, either on the ground or in structures. This makes them key sensors to monitor inclinations, movements and differential settlements of slopes or infrastructures.

For example they can be applied to vertical structures as columns, piers, pylons, facades or retaining walls to track the changes in inclinations and detect differential settlement; or they can be installed to verify over time the geometry and stability of tunnels, railway tracks (cant, twist and vertical alignment) or bridges decks.

Tiltmeters have been extensively used in landslides, embankments and mines monitoring to control the stability of the slopes.

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Product Features

  • Wireless sensor
  • An integrated unit (2-in-1 sensor + data logger)
  • 3-axis inclination with respect to gravity’s direction and a range of ± 90⁰
  • Two tilt only versions available – external and internal antenna.
  • 2-in-1 Laser Meter + tiltmeter available
    • Accurate distance measurement through a visible 655 nm Class II Laser 
    • Up to 1 mm accuracy @ 10m
  • Robust, small and weather-proof box
  • Easy configuration. Long-range communications (up to 15km / 9 miles)
  • Long battery life (> 10 years @ 1h / 6h sampling rate)
  • Easy configuration
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Reduced size (103x100x61 mm, internal antenna version)

Product Benefits

  • User-friendly Android configuration app at no extra cost
  • Low-power, long battery life (over 5 years)
  • Long-range communications (up to 15 km/9 miles)
  • Highly accurate and reliable biaxial tilt sensor                         

Typical Applications Include:

  • Railway track monitoring
  • Bridge and structural health monitoring
  • Embankments
  • Building response to tunneling and excavation-induced ground movements
  • Foundations and deep excavations
  • Landslides and slope stability


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