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Product Information

The Specto Technology team is proud to provide you with the ACmate Case to house your vibration monitoring system.

ACmate is a protective and stylish case for the Instantel Micromate Seismograph. It is designed for interior installations and is both rugged and sleek. The case is crushproof and water-resistant with ports for AC power input and sensors. Inside, there is a rubber boot for mounting the Micromate and a bracket for the modem. The case also has a dual socket GFCI AC receptacle, a clasp for the microphone, and a post for the geophone. ACmate is an attractive and discreet solution for safely transporting and setting up the Micromate Seismograph.

Product Features:

  • Modem mounting bracket
  • Ultra wide band antenna for better network compatibility
  • Internal sensor mounting points for convenient transport

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Product Benefits:

  • Standard color is gray but custom colors and powder coating (additional fee) available.
  • Cutout under mounting plate for easy fastening.
  • Reinforced gussets for added stiffness.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Construction Vibration Monitoring

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ACmate Datasheet